How To Print Paychecks in Quickbooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software used by many businesses. It is designed to manage sales, inventory, payroll and other financial-related business practices. Although QuickBooks does not have MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) capabilities, the software has a facility for printing checks including employee paychecks.

If you already own a copy of QuickBooks and are using it to track employee payroll, then paycheck printing is only a few steps away. To give you an idea how it’s done, continue reading. These steps are for QuickBooks 2010. However, the steps are not too different for other versions of QuickBooks.

  • Load the program and begin payroll. Open QuickBooks from your computer. Locate the Employee Center tab. Under this look for the icon that says Pay Employees and click on this icon. The next step assumes that you already have employee payroll data in QuickBooks. Click on the Start Scheduled Payroll command.
  • Specify the payroll date. Look for the text box where you specify the date for the checks. Enter the date that you wish to appear on the paychecks. Then, input the date for the end of the payroll period inside the Pay Period Ends box.
  • Select the bank account for the paychecks. Look through the drop-down list of bank accounts. Select the bank account where the money for the payroll will come from.
  • Double check the list of employees. You need to check the employee roster for accuracy. Only active employees should receive their paychecks. You can click or unclick names of employees that should and should not be included in the payroll for the specified payroll period. When you are done selecting the employees, click on the Continue button. QuickBooks will now calculate the amount each employee should receive. This includes any deduction amounts for each employee.
  • Create the paychecks. Preview the paychecks. If you are satisfied with the numbers, it’s time to click on the Create Paychecks button. Select between Print Paychecks or Print Pay Stubs. The pay stubs are used for direct deposits to the employees’ bank accounts.
  • Check for confirmation. From this screen, make sure that the right bank account is selected. You should also specify the preprinted check form number that is seen on the first blank check that will be used for printing. At this point, you can reconfirm that you have specified the correct employee paychecks for printing. Once you have confirmed everything, click OK. This brings you to the dialog box for Print Checks.
  • Change the check options. The Print Checks dialog box offers different options for you to change. You can change the size of the checks, font, and more.
  • Print the paychecks. After making sure that the numbers are correct and the paycheck style is appropriate, you can now begin printing the paychecks for your selected employees. Turn on the printer and make sure the blank paychecks or pay stubs are loaded into the feeder then click on the button to start the printing process.

QuickBooks is a widely used accounting program for many businesses, both big and small. It does most of the financial-related procedures businesses tend to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. One of the most useful features of QuickBooks is printing employee paychecks. With this feature, you don’t have to outsource your company’s payroll. Save money for the company and print paychecks using QuickBooks.


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