How To Promote a Retail Business without Going Broke

If you’re in the retail business, then you need ways to promote your store. It’s important to get people in the door so you can make some sales. However, if you don’t have a budget for a big time promotion, you need to think of creative ways to be able to promote your store without going broke.

Here are some ideas for you to consider.

  • Have an interesting window display. Display your wares to potential customers. Choose the best items in the store and put it all together in a fun way. This will give customers and other people an idea of what your store is about. Use the opportunity to showcase what you have. Give people ideas on how to put items together so they don’t just buy one item. When you open your store, invest in mannequins you can use over and over again.
  • Make sure your store is well lit and highly visible. Is the signage of your store easy to read and highly visible? Is the location of your store frequented by a lot of foot traffic? Don’t pick the most obscure place in the mall.
  • Make the store inviting. You will need to spend money on the look of your store. Consider this as part of your operating and initial investment. Place some comfortable chairs. Have spacious dressing rooms. Use good lighting to feature your good prominently. You can play music and make sure the interior of the store smells fresh and clean. If you can’t afford to remodel, then at least make sure that items are easy to find and the store is scrupulously clean.
  • Offer loyalty cards to regular customers. Have punch out cards for customers or some type of rewards points system. This will encourage clients to buy more items to get their rewards or additional items. The cost of the item should already by factored into the overall pricing strategy of your products.
  • Have a sale. Nothing excites a buyer more than this four letter word. When you have a sale, place a big visible sign outside the door or on your window display. Since retail items have at least 100 to 400 percent markup, you will still make money.
  • Have a website. An easy way to promote your store is to have a website. You only need to pay a webmaster a minimal fee to set up and maintain your site. Show pictures of items you carry at your store. Post announcements of sales and other special events you are having at your branch. Give discount codes to people who participate in your online survey.
  • Get on air announcements. If you have a small town store, get your local DJ to say a few words about your store. You may offer to have the DJ’s host a few hours of their live broadcast at your store location.
  • Niche your business with excellent service and great products. Sometimes, it comes down to the quality and value of your products. If you have a high quality product, people will buy from you if you treat your customers well. Establish a personal relationship with your customers so you offer something more than just the item. Give value to your clients. You can offer a free personal shopping service or serve wine, cheese and crackers or some other drinks. This costs a little money but the goodwill it generates is priceless.

As a retailer, you do need to set aside some money for promotions and advertising. However, it doesn’t have to be so large that your business will run out of budget for its other operations. There are many creative ways to stay in the consciousness of your buyer. If you spend a little bit now, you’ll see that it will come back to you in the form of increased sales and more customers.


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