How To Promote Comedy Shows

Comedians have honed their craft close to perfection because this will also correlate on how long they can last on their respective careers. However, great promotional moves are needed for comedy shows to be successful. Live audience is difficult to generate during these modern times when other forms of entertainment abounds. Comedy show organizers have to equip themselves with different strategies in promoting their shows.

Here are some helpful ideas in promoting a comedy show.

  • Utilize online appearances. It is beneficial to make a website solely for promotional purposes of the comedy show. This website will contain important information about the comedians you are promoting as well as their sample performances and schedules. This websites has to be kept updated regularly. This will also serve as an avenue to create a fan base. Having several links towards other blogs or comedy club websites can be plus points for the comedy show too.
  • Utilize a site where there is always a lot of traffic. Examples of these sites are social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. These social networks allow a spreading of word about the comedy show. Comedians can make post messages themselves, inviting their friends and at the same time promote their shows to other people. Through these networking sites they can post updates and further interesting details about their shows. Because all these are done online, a few clicks is all it takes to provide information. It is fast and highly accessible to most people. To top it all, these sites will provide a chance of promoting free of charge.
  • Know your show’s target audience. Every venue holds a unique character from its audience. Live comedy shows would be needing preview shows first. This will enable them to measure out or to test how well the audience will respond to the comedian’s materials. These previews will actually save the actual performance as well as serve as a promotional trick too.
  • Seek help with some show hosts or MC’s. The key here is to have an opportunity to befriend the people holding the microphone. They can help you out with promoting your shows over their listening audience. However, be careful not to overdo it, hence it will create unnecessary tension on the host’s part. The good thing about this is that it is free.
  • Use your past shows as advertising pieces. Upload these videos on your created websites. A better option though would be to upload it on sites where more people from different places can view it. Uploading videos for free is a great move in cutting off some of your budget. Plus a good exposure is guaranteed.
  • Modern comedy is likely to be appreciated by the younger audience. It is a smart move to cater to and concentrate efforts on them. This age group can be easily reached by various digital means like the Internet and even the college paper or radio.
  • Be mindful on how much budget you letting out with these promotional gimmicks. Remember, it will put to imbalance your financial status if you have spent more than you can actually earn. Promotional projects can be very expensive. It is easy to lose track in handling your budget well.

Comedy shows can be a profitable venture once promoted well. All you need is enough experience to build strategies as well as create beneficial relationships.


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