How To Properly Handle Insulation

Insulation doesn’t only keep you warm during the winter or cool during the summer; it also cuts your energy usage to about fifty percent. Because of these, it is only practical to install insulation at your house if you don’t have one yet.

Fiberglass is a good insulation material because aside from being non-combustible, it also keeps its insulation capability years after it has been installed. Although it can be installed without the help of a professional, most people are afraid of fixing it to their house’s ceilings because of the health risks involved in using fiberglass. The danger in working with fiberglass, however, can be eliminated by following closely the steps in properly handling insulation. These steps are given below:

  • Prepare yourself for fiberglass installation. With the fiberglass insulation, utility knife, straight edge, and other materials needed for the installation acquired, you have to ready yourself for installing fiberglass to your ceiling. You need leather gloves, thick socks, a breathing mask, disposable coveralls, goggles, boots, a duct tape, and trash bags for this activity. You can also substitute the disposable coveralls with two layers of shirts made from thick fabrics and long heavy pants. Make sure that you immediately put these clothes in a plastic bag and send them to the laundry after working in them.
  • Install the fiberglass insulation in your ceiling. Before handling the fiberglass insulation, put on the leather gloves, thick socks, breathing mask, disposable coveralls, goggles, and boots. Next, take out the fiberglass from its wrapper and inspect it for any tears. Use duct tape to patch up any large tears you find on the fiberglass. Measure the dimensions you need to cut the fiberglass into using a measuring tape. Mark the fiberglass insulation so that you have a guide on where to cut it. When you’re done, put the fiberglass insulation on a cutting surface and use the straight edge and utility knife to cut it into the dimensions you’ve measured earlier. Install the fiberglass insulation to your ceiling. Use a broomstick to set the installation on hard to reach areas.
  • Dispose of your coveralls. When you’re done installing the fiberglass insulation, remove all the protective gear you’ve put before the installation. It would be better if you can take off the gear at the same place you’ve done the installation. In this way, insulation fibers that may have clung on the gear wouldn’t scatter in another place. Put the coveralls in a garbage bag and seal it before putting it in a trashcan. If you see any fibers clinging on your skin, remove them with duct tape. Take a bath as soon as you’ve removed your gear.

If you decided to put cellulose insulation instead of fiberglass, use a full coverage goggles instead of regular goggles. In this way, your eyes will be well protected in case cellulose dust gets drifted towards your eyes. You should also exercise the same safety of wearing coveralls during the installation of this type of insulation. You should also take a bath immediately after installing cellulose insulation.


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