How To Properly Wear a Backpack Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is a great tool to ensure that your surroundings are free from dust and other potential allergens. If you have kids at home, it’s best to regularly clean your home with a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is an electronic device that sucks dust and keeps it in a dust bag. There are different types of vacuum cleaner that you can choose from, some of which have steam functions that can be used to kill mites and bedbugs. If you are looking for something handy that you can carry around your house, consider getting a backpack vacuum. This type of vacuum cleaner will allow you to carry around the vacuum cleaner conveniently like a backpack.

Find a backpack vacuum that suits you. You need to test the vacuum cleaner first to see if you are comfortable with the weight load. Try walking around with the backpack vacuum before you decide to purchase it. Prolonged carrying of backpack vacuum can cause back pain and back injuries so choose wisely.

The backpack vacuum is equipped with straps for your arms to slide into. Simply insert your arms in the straps provided. Check if the straps are adjustable, most definitely, they are. Adjust the straps so that the vacuum fits snugly in the contour of your back. Ensure that you fasten the straps securely so that the straps will not slide against your arms.

Check if you feel any pain against your shoulder blades. If the straps that come with the vacuum cleaner seem to cut against your shoulder, then purchase foams that you can attach to the straps. You can check out the foams that are used for seat belts, these should work well with your backpack vacuum. Attach the foams in the area where you feel pain. Retry wearing the backpack and feel the comfort.

Fasten the waist belt. This is an added feature for some backpack vacuum. This will allow you to keep you balance when wearing the vacuum. Fasten it firmly around your waist and adjust as needed. Keep the tightness firm yet comfortable that you can still breathe normally and move freely.

Try not to bend over while wearing the backpack vacuum. Most backpack vacuums are designed so that you can reach even hard to reach areas without moving too much. The vacuum cleaner has a long tube for you to reach corners of the room. If it does not come with a long tube, purchase one as an add-on accessory. This is definitely worth your money as it brings a lot of convenience to cleaning.

When removing the backpack vacuum, try to lean against a waist-level table such as the dining table or the kitchen counter top. Clean the table so that it’s clutter-free. Lean against the table and firmly place the vacuum’s weight on the table. This will allow you to maintain balance even as you remove the entire weight of the vacuum.

Each time you intend to use the backpack vacuum, check the straps for any tear. Have the straps immediately replaced or repaired at the first sign of tear. If you use backpack with worn straps, you run the risk of suddenly dropping the unit.


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