How To Purchase Chicks

You should be very careful in buying chicks to raise. At first look you will never know if they are healthy or if they are sick. Being knowledgeable in purchasing chicks is a must if you do not want to waste your money on sick or unhealthy poultry. If you are starting backyard poultry, you must first know of the factors that go with it. Purchasing chicks is the first step in having your own flock. But how do you know that the chicks that you are going to buy are going to grow healthy? This article will give you some pointers on how to purchase chicks such that you get your money’s worth. Read on.

  • Go to your trusted local breeder. Visit your area’s poultry breeder and ask assistance in buying chicks. In doing this, you are assured that the chicks have been hatched locally and not shipped from somewhere else. Locally hatched chicks have better chances of surviving because they are already used to the weather in your area. You will no longer find it very difficult in raising them in terms of the climate.
  • Look for telltale signs that the chicks are sick. Some of these signs will tell you if the chicks are unhealthy or sick, and that you should not purchase them: a red or sore belly indicates that the chick is sick; bent crooked beak; noisy chicks indicate stress; a chick that does not respond to the touch may be sick. There are other signs to look out for. Keep your eyes open.
  • Make sure that the chicks are vaccinated. Ask the breeder if the chicks have been vaccinated against diseases that affect poultry. Pollorum and Marek’s diseases are just two of deadly poultry diseases that can kill all chicks in the flock when not vaccinated. If they are not yet vaccinated, have them vaccinated before bringing them home.
  • The box must have holes in them. Once you have chosen the chicks that you will buy, the breeder will stow them in a box for transport to your home. Make sure that the box has holes so that the chicks can breathe inside and that air can go through so that it is not too hot inside the box.

Purchasing chicks from a local breeder is better than buying online. Once you received them from the seller, you pretty much have no choice but to raise the chicks, whether they are healthy or not. In selecting chicks yourself from a breeder, you can be sure that you are buying healthy ones. Now that you know how to distinguish healthy chicks, you can now start raising your flock. Make sure that you feed them properly and regularly so that they grow big and healthy. You can cook them when they are old enough or you can sell them, whether alive or already dressed. Once you have mastered taking care and growing chicks into chickens, you can make it into a very lucrative business venture. So, good luck on raising those chicks!


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