How To Put in Accent Marks Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a popular and efficient word processing program from Microsoft’s MS Office. There are many features in this application. Adding accent marks is an example of those features. It will help you and your readers understand your document more clearly. Below are guides to help you add accent marks using Microsoft Word.

  • Write the article. Accenting words while you write will eat time if you’re not accustomed to putting accents. Just write the article normally and take care of putting accent marks later.
  • Highlight letters to be put with accent marks. After you have written your article, go back at the start of your piece and highlight the letter or letters to be applied with accent marks. For example, you want to change the last “e” of the word “cliche” to “é” so it will be “cliché.” Then simply highlight the last “e” of the word.
  • Put accent mark to the word. Click the Insert tab and then, find the Symbols section. Click on the Symbol drop down menu. You’ll see the frequently used symbols from there. If the symbol is not in the drop down menu, then click the “More Symbols” to open the Symbols window. Here, you can see more symbols, ranging from Basic Latin to Arabic Forms. Scroll down the grid of symbols until you’ve found the correct accent mark. The “é” that you are looking for is referred as “Latin small letter E with acute.” Select that by clicking on it. Its box should be filled with blue background. Click “Insert” and you’ll see that the highlighted letter was replaced by the accent symbol. Click “Close” once you’re done.
  • Another way is to use keyboard shortcuts. This is an easier way to put accent marks. Simply press the set of keys for a specific symbol and it will be shown on the document. The detailed list of shortcut keys is in the help menu. For this example, “é” is inserted by pressing its default CTRL + ; + E shortcut key.
  • Put accent marks on other letters. Repeat the previous steps for other letters until they all have the proper accent marks.

Setting the Shortcut Key for Symbols

Customize the shortcut keys for characters that you often use.

  • Open the Symbols window again. Click a special character. Refer to the “é” for this example. Look at the bottom of the Symbol window. You’ll see the “Shortcut Key” button. Beside it is the default shortcut key for “é” which is CTRL + ; + E. To change that, click the “Shortcut Key” button.
  • The “Customized Keyboard” window will appear. Enter the new shortcut key on the space provided after the “Press New Shortcut Key.” Click “Assign” and then click “Close” to leave the window.
  • Apply these steps if you want to change the shortcut keys for other symbols. Take note that the keys should work to your advantage. So choose combinations that will be easy to remember.

Using accents in your document will help other people understand your ideas better. Understanding special characters and other symbols will enhance your communication skills. Use Microsoft Word’s Symbol function not just for putting accents but for entering other necessary symbols, too. It just takes a little practice before you can get used to inserting symbols.


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