How To Qualify for Medicaid in Ohio

Low-income families living in Ohio have a health benefit called Medicaid. This program aims to provide health coverage mainly for permanent Ohio residents who have children, elderly, pregnant women or disabled persons. Though the health coverage is for US citizens only, the Medicaid can be availed as well by legal residents who are not necessarily US citizens if their credentials are met. If you live in the state and you think you are eligible for the coverage, you should cross check if you indeed qualify for it. Here is how to qualify for the Medicaid coverage, read on.

  • Check which group you can identify with. In Medicaid, they have four groups who are eligible for the coverage. These are classified as the following:
    • Group 1 - Children (up to 19 years old), pregnant women and families with children not older than 19.
    • Group 2 – Disabled persons and elderly (should be 65 years old and older)
    • Group 3 – Women diagnosed with breast cancer and / or cervical cancer.
    • Group 4 – Those who need Medicare premium, disability medical, refugee medical or alien emergency medical assistance.
  • Check your qualifications for eligibility. After identifying your qualified group, you must identify next if you, as an individual, pass the qualifications by having the following basic requirements:
    • You should be a US citizen or a legal resident (non-US citizen) depending on certain citizenship requirements. You may download the Medicaid e-manual for the criteria for legal residents at the Ohio Department of Job&Family Services website under Medicaid.
    • You should be an Ohio resident.
    • You should have a social security number.
    • You will have to satisfy financial requirements. You can find the income guidelines at the webpage
  • Register for the coverage with family services. Once you determine which group you identify with, register qualified individuals with family services. They are found at your local departments or you can call directory assistance to assist you what numbers to call.
  • Check the income guidelines for eligibility. Be sure that you meet the Medicaid financial requirements stated at the income guidelines found at The site lists the 2009 guidelines of family income that are based according to the federal poverty level (FPL). If you have an income greater than the amount listed in the income guideline, you may still be eligible for the coverage. Medicaid will have deductions from your health services cost at a certain extent and reduce your bills.
  • Meet with a Medicaid counselor. After checking your eligibility for health coverage, contact a Medicaid counselor who can help you with your application. He will then keep in track the completion of all your requirements. Call the Ohio Family Services for any information you need to contact a Medicaid counselor.
  • Submit your documents to the Medicaid counselor. Before submitting your documents, be sure that everything is in order. Check that you affix your signature at blanks where it is needed. Keep your documents protected by putting them inside a plastic folder and bind them to keep from losing any page.

Health insurance is a big issue in the US. In fact, it was one of the bigger factors in the US elections 2 years ago – actually, it still is. Medicaid makes it affordable for average Ohio residents to keep their health under check. Be sure you use this opportunity. This is a good way to reap what you are paying your taxes for.


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