How To Quickly Create an Access Database from a Template

Ever needed to create a database? This is especially important if you want to organize your data into a form that can be easily accessed and managed. Microsoft makes this easier through Access. It is called Microsoft Access for older versions of Windows or Microsoft Office Access for Windows 2007. What is great about this is that you need not start from scratch. There are a lot of pre-built templates that you could choose from depending on your needs. Usually, these templates are good enough to build typical databases. You can also choose your template online on if you cannot find a template that suits your needs from the available ones in Access. In specialized cases, you may have to do a little tweaking here and there to build the perfect template for your database.

Here is how you can create a simple database. This is done in Microsoft Office Access but the steps are generally the same for older versions of Microsoft Office.

  • Start Microsoft Office Access. Open Microsoft Office Access from the menu bar, choose “File” and then click “New” from the submenu that will appear. This will create a new Access file. Or you can opt to use the use the keyboard shortcut by pressing “Ctrl” and then pressing “N”. The templates window will pop up after doing this.
  • Choose Access template. You can pick the template that you will use from the Template Categories. You can look at the templates from the local templates, which include nice and ready-to-use templates that you can choose from. Choose the template that suits your needs and requirements. Select the template you liked and then click OK. If you do not see a template you like, go back to the task pane and choose “From Microsoft Office Online” instead.
  • Name your database. Give your file a name. By default, it will be named according to the type of template you chose. Choose the “Create” button to create the new Access file. Make sure you take note of the location where you saved your database. You can now start making and customizing your database. Clicking the “Create” button will make the database pop up. You will be able to see an Excel-like interface. Now, you can start doing operations and customizations to your newly created database.
  • Customize your database. If you chose to create the selected database, a wizard will guide you. You may just want to accept the default settings for the database for now as a start. To do this, just click Next. If you want to customize it, you can freely do so by unselecting certain fields in the tables. You may also choose to remove fields that you do not want in the wizard. You will be guided by the wizard all throughout. The flow of the customization will be depending on the type of template you chose. You may also be prompted for some data before you can complete and finish your database. You can also add some fields as you want or modify it as desired.


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