How To Quit Smoking With Meditation

With the roster of solutions presented on the market when it comes to quitting smoking, you may be wondering about what to take for your best interest. Truth be told, it all starts with one’s belief. Smoking can be put to a stop as long as the smoker really has the desire to do so. One way to deal with this problem is by means of meditation. Consider the following points and see for yourself how to quit smoking with meditation.

  • You have to realize the need of quitting. First of all, you must realize the need of quitting. Why do have to quit? Isn’t it that you want to quit to take care of your health and not just to be accepted by a group of people or the community as a whole? Once you know for yourself the reason why you have to quit, then that is the best time for you to consider yourself as someone who has the strong urge of quitting smoking.
  • Know when you will quit. It is ideal to set a date on which you are going to quit smoking. By means of doing so, you can prepare yourself. It is very common for smokers to have the tendency to get irritated because of the absence of smoke inside them, but if you are willing to quit, you should understand that you can have a withdrawal period. Say, you want to have a week before you quit smoking. Spend that whole week managing the nervousness and shivering that you can have because you cannot smoke.
  • Throw away your cigarettes. If you have stored cigarettes on your home or office, get rid of them all. Do not save any stick of cigarette. Every pack must be thrown away. Every stub must be gotten rid of. Enjoy throwing the cigarettes that were once part of your life. Whenever you throw them, think about the good things ahead of you—the way you will greatly improve your health and the way society will accept you with open arms.
  • Divert your attention to an interesting hobby. What else do you love to do more than smoking? Are you fond of writing your thoughts? Are you game on playing any kind of video game or computer game? Are you into sports? Are you savvy when it comes to computers and the internet? It goes to show that there are a lot of things you can do more than focusing on smoking. There are numerous hobbies that are out in the open for you to take pleasure in. You can definitely make a difference and the people around you will see it as long as you are consistent.
  • Resist temptation. Above anything else, temptation is the hardest enemy. It is best to resist temptation especially when people around you are smoking and you want to join them. It may take you some time to fully resist temptation, but it will all be worth the while.

With the said considerations, you can surely quit smoking with meditation. As long as you are positively-minded about quitting, it is to your best power to handle every urge around you.


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