How To Raise an ADD Child Without Medication

One of the common psychological conditions that children have is attention deficit disorder. Most children who have ADD are recommended to get some type of medication, but there is a growing number of parents who choose to refuse medication and raise their child using the child’s own pace. If you want to raise your ADD child without making use of drugs and medication, here are some steps that you should take.

  • Do your homework. First of all, you should know as much as you can about ADD. There are plenty of resources on the web and in the local library about the various causes, effects, and treatments available for ADD children. The more you learn about the condition, the better the choices that you will be able to make with regards to how you will raise your child. When you do your research, you will gain a fuller understanding of why it is a good idea for you to try raising your child without the medication.
  • Get a tutor. Next, you should focus and invest on how you will educate your own child. Children with ADD tend to do badly in a generic school and classroom setting, because these types of learning places have a standardized beat and pace that ADD children usually cannot adapt to. This does not mean that your child is not smart. It simply means that his mind functions in other ways. Try getting your child a tutor who specializes in teaching children with ADD. These types of tutors are a little bit more difficult to find than regular tutors, but they know how to deal with the quirks that come with ADD.
  • Focus on the diet. You should also make sure that you give your child a balanced diet that is tailored for his condition. Remember, there are a lot of ADD children whose symptoms become more pronounced when they are given fatty foods or when they are given foods that are high in sugar. Make sure that you eliminate these problem food items from your child’s diet, in order to minimize his bouts of ADD.
  • Fight for your stance. Next, you should also learn how to stand up for your decision to raise your child without medication. At present, most medical practitioners believe that medication is the easiest route to take when dealing with children with ADD. You should be updated on the various arguments for and against ADD medications, so that you know exactly why you are correct in raising your child without medication.
  • Take it slow. Finally, know that raising a child with ADD can be challenging and can be very frustrating at times. You need to take things slow, and have the perseverance to go through with your decision. While meds are an alternative, they can also change your child’s personality. Remember that what you are doing is for your child, and that in the long run, it will get better.

Be sure that you also shower your child with much love and praise. Too frequently, children with ADD are treated as outcasts even at home and are often considered as the scapegoat or black sheep. Make sure that you avoid this, and that you treat them just as you would treat your other children.


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