How To Re-Finish a Bookcase

Is your bookcase already old? Does it look a bit worn out? Well, don’t toss it out of your house. A bookcase is one of the furniture pieces that you can readily transform and give it a new look. Of course, you just have to exert a little effort to make your project more successful. Here are some simple steps on how you can re-finish your bookcase:

  • Commence your refurbishing job by taking out the shelves from your old bookcase. Check out your bookcase’s interiors. Most of them have detachable shelves. If the shelves are already fixed (or immovable), go to the next step.
  • Inspect your old bookcase. Do you see some old paint? Are there some stains? You can take care of them by using your power sander. Remove the paint or the stain by loading your tool with sandpaper (fine grain). Follow a consistent motion. Do it back-and-forth so you don’t end up damaging the wood’s natural grain. If there are difficult areas to reach, like some edges or some corners, rely on a hand-held sanding block. If you wish to achieve a smoother surface, use another sandpaper. Choose the ultra fine type. After you have sanded all its nooks and crannies, clean up your old bookcase. Wipe out all the dust using a rag.
  • Prepare to paint your old bookcase. Source a good paintbrush. Its bristles should be soft. If you are thinking of a more modern style, aim for a painted finish. Otherwise, if you favor a more traditional look, go for a stained finish.
  • After applying the first coat, check out the edges and the corners. See if you need to retouch some parts. You can use a detail brush to handle them well. Then, continue by applying the second coat. If you plan to protect the natural wood and seal your intended finish, apply the third coat. It can be a matte top, a semi gloss, or a high gloss. Let the coating air dry. And voila, your bookcase should be good as new!
  • Do you want to add a decorative flair to your refurbished bookcase? Then, consider dressing it up. You can conceal its contents by covering it with a nice curtain. Before buying your linen materials, measure your bookcase first. Add extra six inches to the actual width measurements. That should already account for a good allowance. Once you have your fabric, cut it lengthwise. Afterwards, sew all the four sides. Just do a basic hem around your two rectangular pieces. Proceed by creating the appropriate dowel rod space. Do it by folding down the topmost hem, allowing it to meet your fabric’s underside. Adjust so you can create a fold with a one-inch diameter. Secure the fold by applying some basic hemming. Repeat the procedure on your other rectangular piece. Attach the dowel rod on your bookcase. Position it on the front edge (uppermost part). Fix it well using a nail gun. When the dowel rod is all set, hang your curtains and be proud of what you have accomplished.


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