How To React to a Girl Who's Flirting With You

It can happen in a bar, a party, in the office, at school, or even at church.  Yes, it is quite common for women to flirt with you should they find you attractive or appealing.  The question here is how you should react so that you do not blow this chance should you find her attractive and appealing as well.  Here are some tips.

  • Determine if the girl is flirting.  Obviously, this is the first thing that you will need to learn.  Remember, some girls are naturally friendly and their gestures may be misconstrued as flirtations.  If you become too aggressive, you will most likely get slapped or rejected.  Hence, before sending your very own flirtations back to the girl, evaluate if the girl’s gestures are of the flirtatious sort or just a gesture of innocent friendliness.

    Normally, a good rule of thumb to follow when determining if a girl is flirting with you is by observing her moves.  A girl who is attracted to you will normally focus her curiosity on you.  This means that the conversation topics will be about you.  Now, this is not the only thing you should look at.  You will want to see if she inserts specific subtle innuendos as well as sneaks in somewhat intimate touches on your body, be it your hand, thigh, or face.  You should also pay close attention to her body movement, particularly her legs as well as the way she looks at you.  Pay attention to what she does with her hands.  For instance, if she is talking to you while playing with her hair a lot.  All these are signals that she is very interested in you.  If that is the case, then your response to these advances will be critical.

  • Return the favor.  If you are interested in the girl flirting with you, then the best way to approach this situation is to return the favor, otherwise known as mirroring.  Basically, you will want to do pretty much the same things she does.  For instance, if she keeps on gingerly touching you during the conversation, return the gesture with you own.

    However, make sure to consider how to touch her carefully.  If she touches you on the hand, do the same on her hand.  If she touches you on the face, consider touching her on the neck or ear.  If she touches you on the thigh, well, you can really do the same.  Instead, touch her on the back, where some of her skin can be felt.

    Now, if she keeps on inserting subtle innuendos play around with her and offer the same.  However, make sure to keep it tasteful but playful.  Light jokes and witty remarks will do.  Do not go overboard or become too aggressive as this can turn her off and scare her away. If you really want to hook up with this girl, then try to ask her out or to meet you at a more secluded place.  Of course, make sure that the situation is apt for it or else she may find your proposal a bit too forward.

On the other hand, if you are uninterested with her advances, then being nonchalant and appearing uninterested is the way to go.  One word answers will do to notify her that you are not interested.  If she becomes too aggressive, you can always politely turn her down and leave her be. 


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