How To Read a Masonic Bible Online

Nowadays that virtually everything can be seen online, it is no surprise that you can even read bibles while you are surfing the net. For those who want to read a Masonic bible, you can also do it online. While a Masonic bible can be any type of version of the Holy Bible with footnotes relating to the Masonic work, what you can find online are usually from the King James type of the Holy Bible. This article will quickly discuss the parts of the Masonic bible so that you can better understand what you can see online.

  • Getting a copy of the King James Version. The first step for you is to look for an online copy of the King James Version of the bible. If you will be using this for reference for quite often then you might be better off downloading a file like a PDF of the bible or an application that contains the whole bible. This way, you will not rack up your internet rates reloading the whole bible whenever you need to read it. A sample King James online bible can be seen in this blog.
  • Knowing where to start. The next step for you is to know which and what verses to read. You can start with a short list of bible verses that are closely related to the Mason such as: Psalm 133 (about apprentices), Amos’s seventh chapter (about fellow crafts), and chapter 12 of Ecclesiastes (about being a master mason). These are good starting points for reading and if you accompany it with a guide website, like Masonic Lodge of Education, you can easily identify passages and their meanings as you read through the bible. You do not need to read everything in one sitting. Maybe you can read 2-3 areas per day so that you can better absorb the passages and their teachings.
  • Checking out the Morals and Dogma. Another way for you to read your bible with Masonic items is by going through the Morals and Dogma, which is written by Albert Pike. An online version of this can be seen through this website, which details the Scottish rite of Freemasonry. It is dated to around 1871 and is not commonly used by the modern masons and yet would provide significant insight into their world.
  • Masons are not just for Christians. Just so you know there are also several Mason versions of other religious books such as the Torah or the Koran since the Masons are not exclusively Christian or Catholic. There are a lot of online resources out there that can help you read through the bible with several insights side by side. You can also share this tips to your mason friends and you can even have a short bible study session per week to go over the footnotes and Masonic notes that you have gathered online.

While it may be an old institution, it is still certainly alive today. This brotherhood exists in several countries around the world and has an estimated population of around 6-7 million. Studying their values and teachings can inspire someone to follow their group or if already in the group, strengthen their ideals. Famous members of this fraternity are Benedict Arnold, Ezra Ames, Samuel Colt, Erasmus Darwin, Clark Gable and William Howard Taft.


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