How To Read about HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (or HIPAA for short) was passed and enacted to protect the coverage for health insurance of workers, including their families in times of job loss or job transfer. Within the HIPAA, there are Administrative Simplification or AS provisions that call for the institution of this particular field’s national standards. This provision also responds to the need for privacy and security of the individual’s health data, so reading and knowing more about the HIPAA is definitely a must, especially for health care specialists.

  • Refer to websites. One most important website in knowing information about HIPAA is that of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This site is actually the authority when it comes to HIPAA. Here, you will see details and outlines of the coverage of HIPAA laws. It also points out those information which are not covered by HIPAA.
  • Go to the section on Office for Civil Rights. This agency is actually the one holding the materials on HIPAA within the entire website.
  • Go to the home page of Privacy of Health Information. The HHS website has a comprehensive list on the resources for HIPAA. These can be fact sheets or links that will direct you to other references and resources. You would also see some subsections for several concepts. These are arranged into columns.
  • Look for the section for Educational Materials. This section would show you the jurisdiction and scope of the HIPAA regulations. You may start browsing it through until you find the parts that are most applicable to your compliance.
  • Check out the “What’s New” section. If you look to the far left portion of the website, you will see the tab for “What’s New.” Read on the newest updates to make sure that you are aware of current developments. You can also find here more information on how HIPAA compliance is being enforced by the HSS.
  • Refer to other materials online. For a different perspective on HIPAA compliance, you can refer to other pages. Searching for more resources will expose you to the different practices of many medical offices. Some of these pages may even make you laugh as they incorporate a little humor in their content.
  • Have something handy.  It is actually a requirement that when patients are treated, health care providers must give out HIPAA’s brochures. Information contained on HIPAA’s brochures may sometimes even be more applicable to you than the information you gather from websites.

When it comes to HIPAA, there are definitely a lot of resources and references that you can turn to for information and understanding. Make sure that you maximize these resources since other inputs from medical offices may still be of use to you even if it is known that the HSS website is comprehensive enough. Also, being concerned with the area of health, there may be developments from time to time. It is important that you make yourself educated if it concerns you heavily. There are also websites giving you tips and guidelines on what your HIPAA rights are, so make sure that you visit them as well.


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