How To Read Female Body Language

Reading female body language has baffled men for years. Women show more body language than men, and they are also more adept at reading body language than men. This is why men who don’t know how to read body language and don’t know how to properly show their emotions end up with nothing at the end of the day.

  • Observe signs of preening. A woman who’s interested in a man tends to make their face look more attractive. They toss their hair from side to side, stroke or comb it, or get it out of the way in order to show bare skin. She’ll also call attention to her body by doing movements that expose her bare parts or accentuates her body shape.
  • Observe how she handles her hair. A woman touching her hair can indicate attraction or annoyance. If she runs her fingers through it slowly, that means that she demands your attention. If she does it in quick and jerky movements, she may be getting impatient, annoyed, or embarrassed.
  • Observe her mouth. Women who are interested frequently lick their lips, eat something with pleasure yet in a slow movement, or retouch their lipstick in the company of the man.

    However, if she frequently bites her lips, you may be giving her a very strong vibe or staring at her too hard, and she wants you to move back and give her extra space.

  • Observe her legs. When a woman isn’t interested, she will draw her legs together to give off the vibe that she doesn’t want any sexual advances. It also indicates being highly protective of her privacy.

    On the other hand, drawing together and releasing her legs while she touches her thighs is an indication of flirting. When her legs are drawn together, and her foot is bouncing to and fro while one shoe is dangling on the end, it can signal a blatant invitation to go out soon.

  • Observe her method of contact. A woman who lightly touches you or looks for any excuse to touch you is an indication of attraction. However, the opposite is meant when the touch is hurtful, or when she starts striking you.
  • Observe her hands and arms. A woman who leans back in her chair with her arms folded across her chest is someone who is annoyed. If the woman you’re interested with shows this reaction, don’t push it too hard or you may end up getting slapped.

    Likewise, if she doesn’t look at you while she taps her fingers on the bar table, she may be uninterested and getting annoyed by the minute.

  • Observe her feet. Secretly look at the position of her feet while you’re talking to her. If the toes are pointed towards you, then she’s interested in you or what you’re saying. If not, then she’s probably looking for an excuse and a way out.

Despite these signals, never assume that all women’s body language is the same. A gesture you’ll see as sexual may have only been exhibited because she’s shy. When you’ve identified a positive sign of interest, look for a different sign from another part of her body to corroborate your theory.


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