How To Recognize Romantic Signs of Interest

One of the most puzzling aspects of a romantic relationship is interpreting the signs of interest between two individuals. Crossed or mixed signals could be misinterpreted causing rejection or humiliation for anybody who makes any form of unwelcome advances. On the other hand, should a person be unable to recognize that the other is sending her indications of romantic interests, then the possibility of finding love is wasted and may not be gained back ever. Unfortunately, most people do not wish to be branded as flirts nor would they want to risk embarrassing themselves by broadcasting their attraction on a less subtle scale. Short of blatantly inquiring whether the other person is attracted to you, how should you go about discovering whether the possibility of a match is there? Here are some ways of telling whether two people are attracted to one another.

  • Observe the other’s body language. The way a person moves and acts when you are present can say volumes about how he feels about you? Does the individual make an effort to make and keep eye contact with you? This could be a sign that he is trying to catch your attention. A person who is attracted to another cannot help but give the object of attraction lingering looks. Another sign is when you catch a person looking your way but suddenly revert his eyes as soon as you turn. This could mean that the person is checking you out but is still too shy to approach. Another indication is when the person stands a bit closer during conversations. This shows that he is willing to share personal spaces and is also making an effort to better hear every word that you say. Try to be observant of unconscious self grooming like repeated attempts to smooth one’s hair or adjusting their clothes. This could mean that they are consciously or unconsciously concerned about how you see them. Take notice also of blushing instances and attempts to make physical contact. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that the other person would assault you. Physical contact could mean accidental brushing of the hands when he hands you a drink or touching your arm to catch your attention.
  • Take note when the other person tries to establish common dislikes and likes. If an individual makes an effort to find out more about you, your hobbies, peeves, and favorites, this could be a strong sign that he is attracted to you. That person will express eagerness to take part in activities that you enjoy, even when it is outside his scope of interest. She could offer to go hiking or he could agree to come with you on a shopping trip. Notice, also, when the other person begins showing dislike for specific things that you detest. This could be a way of establishing shared interests, or in this case, disinterests.
  • A person attracted to you will display a subtle change in mood once he becomes aware that you are around. A person who likes you will automatically become a bit happier when you are in the vicinity. Notice that the individual will often smile especially when you are engaged in a conversation. They will probably laugh, or at least try to, when you try to crack a joke, no matter how lame it is. Frequent genuine laughter will also signal that the other person is enjoying your company and is very likely to be attracted to you.

Noticing whether a person is sending you attraction vibes is fairly easy once you know what to observe. Being able to capitalize on that, should the feeling be mutual, is another matter entirely. Do not squander your chances because of timidity.


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