How To Record your Own Music on a Home PC

Computers today are very complex machines that can do more than just create word document files and play music for you. With computers these days, you can do image and video editing, and even record your own music at home. If you are a budding musician, here’s how you can record your own music using a PC.

  • Install the hardware. Start by installing the necessary hardware to your computer. Not all computers come with sound cards, but you need the sound card in order to be able to connect the recording devices to your computer. Most computers these days come with a soundcard pre-installed, but in case there is no soundcard in your computer, you can buy these from a computer shop and then install it while following the instructions on the packaging.
  • Install the software. After installing the hardware, you will need to install the necessary software in order to actually record the sound. There is some paid software that you can use to record sound, but if you are short on money, you can also download freeware that will allow you to record music. Just make sure that the software will be able to record the sound at a rate of 44100 Hz, which will make for CD quality audio.
  • Connect the devices. Once you have installed all of the necessary software and hardware, the next step is to connect the devices for recording your music. The easiest type of recording that you can make is a midi recording, which you can do by connecting a midi compatible musical instrument to your computer. There are midi keyboards that you can use for this. This will allow you to record the sound directly to your computer with no background noise to erase or worry about later on. You can also attach a microphone so that you can record your voice.
  • Record the music. To start the recording , simply make sure that the settings in the music recording application are running and that the application recognizes all of the devices that are connected to the computer. Do a sound check, and then proceed to recording. As with other recorders, there is a round red button that you will click on to start the recording. Once you have recorded all of the sound clips that you need, you can also edit the sound using software such as SoundBooth. With this software, you can layer the tracks and remix them.
  • Save the file. After you have finished working on a track, you can save the file in the format that you want. One of the most popular formats is the MP3, although you can also use other formats such as MWA, WAV, MP4, FLAC, et cetera. After saving the file, you can upload them to your website, or you can burn the files into a CD. Or, you can simply store the files in your computer.

With these steps, you should be able to record music right at home, using nothing more than your home PC and some recording devices.


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