How To Recover a Replaced File

Word programs have definitely helped in making and keeping files easier. There is no need to have bulky file cabinets and tons of papers lying around since you can save your personal files in your computer. But although it has made things a whole lot simpler, one problem that you might encounter with having files on your computer is replacing it.

Replacing your file on the computer is quite common. This can happen by accident or you could have meant to replace it, only to find out that there are some things that you need in your old file.

Regardless of whether it was an accident or if it was intentional, if you have replaced your file and badly need your old file then do not fret. There is still a way for you to possibly recover your old file.

  • Open your computer’s “Control Panel”. Click on your Start menu and look for the “Control Panel”. Click on this and when the “Control Panel” window opens, choose “Performance and Maintenance”. Once you have clicked on this, click on “Backup Your Data”.
  • Restore your files. After clicking on “Backup Your Data”, choose “Restore Files and Settings” then click the “Next” button. A list box will appear. Check the boxes of the files that you would like to recover then press “Close”. The files that you have clicked on are now restored back to your computer.
  • This option is only possible for computers who have their backup setting on. You can check if your backup setting is enabled by searching for your file name with the “.wbk” extension. If you have switched off this option then you could try this alternative for recovering your replaced file.
  • Download an external backup/recovery drive software. There are many external backup/recovery drive programs over the Internet. Some programs are free while there are some programs that you’ll have to purchase. You can check out Bounce Back Ultimate or Glary Utilities.
  • Install the program. Once you have downloaded the software, you have to install it in your computer. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully for the program to work.
  • Run the program. After installing the program, run the program. Double click on the desktop icon or open the program to run it.
  • Recover your files. You’ll find an option that allows you to recover your files. If you have Bounce Back Ultimate, simply click on the “one-button recovery” to recover your replaced files. If you have Glary Utilities, go to the “Modules” tab then click on “Privacy and Security”. Click on the “File Undelete” then a new window will pop-up. Choose the location where your file was last saved then click on “Scan”. Glary Utilities will then scan the location and recover all the deleted files. Save the file under a new file name to save it.

It is always best to turn your backup and recovery option on because it will make file recovery for replaced files a whole lot easier. But in case you have disabled this option, you can always use file recovery programs to restore your files. That is why the next time you accidentally replaced your file, you don’t have to start from scratch because you can easily recover it.


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