How To Recover from a Stroke

A stroke is a clinical condition wherein the brain losses some of its function due to lacking blood supply. A stroke can lead to neurological damage or even death for more severe cases.

Depending on the severity of the attack, people who suffer from stroke can manifest difficulty in speech and mobility. People who suffer from stroke should take extra caution as the next attack might lead to death or permanent damage.

  • If someone from your family suffered from a recent stroke, learn on how you can assist to help him recover. If you suffered from a minor stroke, then learn how to cope with it. If you are used to being independent, then admit to yourself that you now need someone to assist you until you recover.
  • Some communities and hospitals offer programs that are dedicated to stroke rehabilitation. Sign up for this so that you’d know how to normalize mobility and speech impairment. You can also consider hiring a therapist who can visit you at home for your therapy sessions. Therapy should be closely monitored by doctors since strenuous activities can worsen your condition. Therapy sessions should be conducted on a regular basis. During the early stage, frequent therapy sessions are needed. These sessions will eventually lessen depending on your process. Do not dwell on the idea that you will not be able to function normally. Depression will hamper your recovery. Think positive and work on improving your motor skills.
  • Change your diet. If you are used to eating at fast-food chains, avoid doing this often. Eating a nutritious and well-balanced meal can help your recovery process. If you feel that you do not have the energy to prepare your own meals, then ask someone to do it for you during your recovery period. Make sure that you consume enough calories for you to have energy during the day. During the early stage after the stroke, chewing can be challenging. Have someone prepare mashed or blended vegetables until you are able to gradually adjust.
  • Check out tools and gadgets that are developed for people who suffered from stroke. Some specialty shops offer different types of utensils to assist you in eating by yourself. You can also check out wheelchairs and canes to assist your mobility.
  • Drink doctor prescribed medicines religiously. Skipping medications will hinder your full recovery. Ensure that you visit your doctor on the scheduled date so that your doctor can track your condition.
  • Allow yourself to follow a recovery schedule. Don’t let this pressure you though, as having goals should motivate you into working harder for your recover. Do not fall into despair when you feel that you are not recovering fast enough. The extent of damage and your perseverance will determine the amount of time you need to recover. Acceptance is the first stage for you to recover. You need to understand that surviving an attack is something to be thankful for. Take this incident as a blessing in disguise for you to start a second life. Maintain a positive outlook in life. Quit your vices such as smoking and drinking as these are potential causes of the attack. Start living a healthy and balanced life.


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