How To Recover Music in Your iTunes Library

You’ve spent a lot of time and money just to compile your iTunes music library with your most favorite songs. But something happened, maybe a hard disk failure or accidental removal of music files. And now, you can’t see the music library. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money again. There are ways to recover music in your iTunes library. Just follow the guides below:

  • Recover music files as soon as possible. Deleted files are not really deleted until they’re overwritten with new files. The earlier you act, the higher the chance to recover the music files.
  • Check the recycle bin. Maybe the music files are still in the recycle bin. You’re lucky if they are because all you need to do is restore them and they’ll be back to the library.
  • Copy music from iPod to iTunes Method #1. If you have an iPod, you can simply copy the music files from there to the iTunes library. But do not do this as simple as synching files or else, music stored in iPod will be automatically deleted. Download and install iTunes in case the application is deleted.
  • Open iTunes and then set it to not automatically sync connected devices. This way, iTunes is prevented from synching with any devices like iPod. Do this by going to “Edit,” “Preferences,” and “Devices.” Check the box saying “Prevent iPods from syncing automatically” or any similar statement.
  • Connect iPod to computer and then go to “File” and choose “Transfer Purchases from iPod.” iTunes will start to transfer iPod’s Purchased folder under its “Store” folder.
  • Copy music from iPod to iTunes Method #2. With this method, you’ll copy music directly from the iPod’s hidden folder. First, set the iPod to be in Disk Mode by connecting it to computer and canceling any offer to sync the device. Then, click on the “Start” menu and then “My Computer.” A window will open and from there, go to “Tools,”  “Folder Options,” “View” tab, and look for “Show Hidden Files and Folder.” Check the box next to it and then click “OK.”
  • Now go to iPod’s folder, which is usually displayed with the iPod icon. Double click that and look for the folder “iPod_Control.” Inside this is the “Music” folder. Drag or copy this folder to your hard drive. Wait for the copy to be completed.
  • Open iTunes and go to “Edit” menu. Choose “Preferences,” “Advanced” tab, and “Keep iTunes Music folder organized.” This setting will automatically organize music files that were copied to iTunes.
  • Still in iTunes window, go to the “File” menu and select “Add Folder to Library.” Navigate the “Music” folder that you copied from iPod. Select that folder and then click “OK.” Music files from that folder will be coped to iTunes library.
  • Contact Apple. Submit this iTunes form. You’ll be asked of the recent order number, which can be obtained from your iTunes account. Explain also how you lost the music files and why you need to recover them. Wait for the response and Apple will give you one chance to download again all of your music purchases.

If everything fails, consider getting help from professionals. They know more complicated tricks on recovering music from iTunes. You’ll spend extra for this, though. So it’s now up to you to decide whether the service fee will be worth it.


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