How To Recover Songs from an iPod

So you have accidentally deleted your favorite music files from your computer. No worries. They can still be downloaded again. The only problem is that downloading hundreds of music files all over again will waste a lot of time. If you have an iPod, then you definitely have a better choice than this. Simply copy the music files from you iPod to the computer. After that, you can enjoy the same music as if the songs were never deleted. There are many ways to recover songs from an iPod and below are some of these ways:

  • Use a third-party software. This is the easiest option to recover music from iPod. Simply download a copy of your chosen software. Install it and use it as instructed by the creator. There are numerous applications that will assist you through the task. Most are paid but there are a few free applications.
  • SharePod is a free application for this purpose. It works for all iPod versions but it can only work with Microsoft Windows. iRip and TuneAid are paid applications that can be used for all iPod versions and for Mac OS and Windows. There are still many applications similar to these. Shop around, compare features, and choose the best. Most third-party applications have trial versions so you can try them before purchasing the full version.
  • Use Mac’s Terminal. Music files in iPod are hidden in a secured folder. Use this technique to recover the songs from the hidden folder while using a Mac computer. However, this method needs the iPod to be on its “disk mode.” So this will not be useful for iPod Touch because it has no “disk mode” function.
  • First, lunch the Terminal, which can be found at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal. Type this location cd /Volumes/[YouriPodName]/iPod_Control once the Terminal is running. Replace the [YouriPodName] with your iPod’s name. Then type rsync -r Music ~/Desktop so that the music files will be copied to Desktop. Wait for the command to be completed Check the Music folder on the Desktop. Drag this to iTunes icon and iTunes will start to import all the songs.
  • Recover hidden files with Windows. Set the Windows to show hidden files. Go to “Start” and then “Control Panel.” Enable the Classic Mode first. Go to “Folder Options” and then to “View” tab. Search the list for the “Show hidden files and folder” and check its box. Click “Apply” and “OK.” Connect iPod to your computer but cancel synching with iTunes. Open the iPod folder, which is easily recognizable because of the iPod icon. Look for the iPod_Control folder. There, you will see the Music folder that contains all the songs in your iPod. Copy it to your hard disk.

The songs can now be used in any way you want. It can now be added to iTunes library. Open iTunes and go to the “Advanced Preferences.” Check the box labeled “Copy Files to iTunes Music Folder When Adding to Library.” Now go to “File” menu and then choose “Add Folder to Library.” Locate the freshly copied Music folder from the iPod and select it. iTunes will include the songs from that folder to its library.

Your situation can still be considered lucky because it is easier to recover songs from an iPod than try to recover songs from a corrupted hard disk. There are still ways, even for a corrupted iPod, to recover songs. There are applications and services available for this purpose. All you need to do is choose the best for your recovery needs.


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