How To Recycle Old Pantyhose

A pantyhose are one of the most disposed off materials in the house since it runs easily. But it is not commonly recycled. It is quite easy to reuse this material and this article lists some of the ways that you can find a second use for pantyhose. Share this article with your family and friends so that they, too, can partake in some simple ways on how to recycle their stuff.

  • Using it for exfoliating. Pantyhose material is an excellent material for exfoliating. It is also smooth enough to be gentle on the skin. You can use this as an exfoliant by scrunching it up and rubbing it on your skin, even on your face. You can also place a small piece of soap into the panty hose, tie it into a knot and use that as a scrubber for kids.
  • Using it as a container. This option is especially fun for kids, most especially if your pantyhose are colorful. You can just tie one end around the shower knob and while the other end can be opened to contain some kiddie toys that can be kept in the bathroom. Old toothbrushes that are used for cleaning the bathroom can be stored in it, as well. Same for old sponges and the like.
  • Using it as a twine or rope material. Once of the easiest ways to reuse pantyhose is to use it as a twine or rope substitute. Most often this would be useful in gardens where the skin-tone pantyhose would blend it well with the plants. Cut it into shorter strips since pantyhose naturally stretches and use that as twine for shaping your plants and shrubs. You can also protect your newly growing fruits from insect infestation by covering a fruit with pantyhose and tying it to keep its surface protected.
  • Using it as a strainer. One easy way to reuse panty hose is to use it as a strainer, especially for straining paint. You can easily just simply throw it away after use. You can also use it to strain other items such as when making lemonade or as a substitute for cheesecloth. Just make sure that the pantyhose you are using is clean before using it near food and other consumable items.
  • Traveling storage option. One cool way to reuse them is to have several pieces with you when you travel then you can use them as storage for jewelries and accessories or to keep the shells that the kids collected at the beach separate.
  • Using them in the kitchen. One of the most commonly used ways for reusing pantyhose is to use it for storing garlic and onions in the kitchen. The sack-like shape is a popular storage for items that are fairly lightweight and can be left outside of the refrigerator.

There are multiple ways to enjoy the life of your pantyhose, most of which involve it being an alternative storage material as well as a string substitute. Pantyhose are sturdy enough to handle common knots and are good substitute for nylon strings.


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