How To Reduce Belching

Burping or belching is something that most people do a lot, especially after eating. Other people that hear this from a person is normally grossed out. And, anyone belching is advised by social norms to cover their mouth and excuse themselves. The worse part about it is that belching can leave an undesirable aftertaste every time.

Technically, belching is cause primarily by excess gas buildups in the stomach. The body naturally reacts to this buildup by letting out naturally through your mouth. So, if you want to reduce this embarrassing natural reaction of your body to excess gas, then here are some things you can do.

  • Take your time. Life has become fast paced and it is because of this that a lot of people gobble up their food and slurp down their drinks in record time. Well, you should know that drinking and eating too fast can cause the production of gas buildup in the stomach since along with these, you will be consuming a lot of air as well. In addition, eating too fast can actually put more pressure to your digestive tract. That said you can reduce the amount of gas in your stomach by taking your time during the consumption of meals and liquids.
  • Stop smoking. If you are regular smoker, you may notice that you belch a lot. This is actually normal since every single time you take a puff; you swallow a bit of air. So, with each stick you finish, your stomach fills up with air. Kicking this habit will not only provide you with healthier lungs but will also help you reduce belching.
  • Watch what you drink. The most contributory cause for belching is the consumption of carbonated drinks such as soda, colas, and beer. Once consumed, these drinks will release tons of carbon dioxide into your stomach. This can build up pretty fast and the only way out will be through burping. Hence, the best way to reduce burping is by restraining yourself from drinking these types of liquids.
  • Watch what you eat. The food you eat can cause gas build up in your stomach. Foods like bananas, chocolates, onions, beans, cabbage, and apricot are just some of them. Make sure to eat them in moderation. The less you eat, the less you burp.

    Aside from these foods, you should also stay away from highly acidic foods as well, those that normally do not go well with your stomach. For instance, milk and cheese can react in disastrous ways if your tolerance for dairy is way too low. Fruit juices are naturally acidic so if you are hyper acidic, then staying away from these will surely reduce the gas in your stomach thus, reduce burping.

Now, sometimes, no matter what you eat, drink, or do to prevent belching, it still persists. If it does, then you should definitely consult a doctor as you may have severe gastric problems. This means that your stomach is malfunctioning which can produce high buildup of gases due to the high levels of acid inside. If this is the case, medication will be your best option and only a doctor can recommend what you should take, ranging from constant doses of Maalox to the intake of Nexium after every meal.


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