How To Reduce Dryer Noise

You cannot escape laundry. Whatever size of household you have, it is an inevitable chore. On average, a typical household runs at least one laundry load a day. An inclusion of children and pets will increase that load exponentially. Doing laundry can be one of your most dreaded chores. It can be equally dreadful if your washer and dryer are annoyingly noisy while you are doing the laundry. Since you will be doing laundry on a regular basis, it is best that you keep the noise level of your machines to a minimum. Below are ways to get your dryer running smoothly on a reduced noise level.

  • Isolate your dryer. If you have any space, you can situate your dryer in a place where the sound won't reach the main rooms of your house such as the living rooms and the bedrooms. No matter how good your dryer's brand is, it will still naturally create some noise. Put it in an isolated area such as the basement or your garage. Plan where your television is located as well, so it won't have to compete with the sound of your dryer.
  • Shut the door. Once you have determined where you will locate your dryer, you should find a way to close it off when you are using it. Shutting the door to the room where your dryer is will noticeably minimize the noise. It seems like a small thing to do, but it will do wonders in decreasing the noise of your dryer. If you have located your dryer in a hallway, you can install bi-fold doors to muffle the noise.
  • Check for repairs. If your dryer is unusually noisy, maybe it needs some repairs. Call your local repairman, or you can call the brand's customer service to have it serviced. You may even check if there are loose parts in your dryer, and try to tighten them by yourself before you call in a repairman. If the sound persists, then you can bring in the repairman to have it checked.
  • Upgrade your unit. If the noise has become unbearable for you, then your dryer might already be too old. Look around for newer versions of your dryer and factor in purchasing a new dryer in your budget. If it will do wonders for you peace of mind, then it will definitely be a good purchase. If you wish, you can even find a shop that trades old dryers for newer ones at a discounted cost. This way, you can get a good discount and you'll come home with a dryer that's less noisy and annoying for the whole household.

If you still think that your dryer is too noisy even after you have done the above steps to reduce its noise, maybe you should reconsider the time you do laundry. Don't do laundry while there is a good show to watch on television. Or avoid putting in a load while you are entertaining guests. Find a quiet day, usually on the weekends, and do your laundry on that day. While you are waiting for the laundry to finish, you may do a bit of gardening outside. This not only distances you from the noise of your dryer, but you can also beautify your home at the same time.


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