How To Refinish Patio Furniture

Refinishing your patio furniture is a fun and rewarding experience. You get to keep the ensemble, and at the same time either restore its beauty or give it a refreshing look. It also costs a lot less than buying a new set of patio furniture, allowing you to save money for other important things. Read below on how you can refinish your patio furniture:

  • Gather the materials. You need a scrub brush, soapy water, medium fine sandpaper, a deglosser (optional), a wire brush, a rust remove, a primer, a paintbrush, rags, and polyurethane for this activity. You should also have a paint stripper with you, if you plan on painting or staining your patio furniture. You can purchase all of these materials in a hardware store.
  • Clean your patio furniture. Remove all the objects that are on your patio furniture and set them aside. Next, if possible, take off the parts of the furniture that are not a part of the base furniture you’re going to refinish. Then, clean the furniture thoroughly with a scrub brush dipped in soapy water to remove all the dirt and oil that has accumulated on the furniture. Rinse the furniture with water when you’re done and let it dry.
  • Sand your patio furniture. Use a medium fine sandpaper to buff your patio furniture. The sandpaper will remove your furniture’s rust and loose old paint. You should also use a rust remover to get rid of stubborn rust clinging on your furniture. If you want, you can also use a deglosser to prepare any part of your patio furniture that the sandpaper has missed. Follow this step with the application of paint stripper, if you plan on painting or staining your patio furniture.
  • Paint or stain your patio furniture. You can skip this step and apply polyurethane on your patio furniture, if you plan on keeping your furniture’s color as it is. Otherwise, apply primer all over your patio furniture to ready it for painting or staining. The type of primer you’re going to use in this activity depends on the type of material your patio furniture is made of. Use a wood primer, if your furniture is wooden; use a metal primer, meanwhile, if your furniture is made of metal. Wait for the primer to dry and see if you can still see the old paint or stain underneath the primer. If it is still visible, apply another layer of primer on your furniture. When the primer has dried, apply a coat of stain or paint on your furniture. Allow it to dry first, before applying a second layer of stain or paint.
  • Apply finishing on your patio furniture. Applying finishing on your patio furniture will protect your furniture from scratches and will keep its stain or paint on longer. Spread polyurethane all over your patio furniture using a paintbrush. Make long and even strokes, and make sure to get all the corners of the furniture covered in finishing. You may opt to apply a second coat of finishing on your furniture, but make sure that the first coat has already dried first.

Ask the personnel at the hardware store for the appropriate paint stripper, primer, paint, and finishing for the material your patio furniture is made of. In this way, you can be sure that the final outcome of your refinished patio furniture is the kind of look you want to achieve.


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