How To Register a Business Name in Alabama

Though Alabama State does not require the registration of fictitious names in all businesses, filing a trade name in most businesses is necessary. Hence, if you are starting your own business in the state, be guided into registering business names. The process is not short and simple but guided with the right tips, you can go on the registration without much trouble. Here is the complete process on how you can successfully register your own trade name in Alabama:

  • Decide on the business name and ensure of its uniqueness. Once you have decided on a business name, search its availability. Then, apply for the reservation of that specific business name. You can search name availability in Alabama by visiting the website of the Alabama Secretary of State at In the search box marked Mark Description, type your chosen business name. The website will tell you whether the name you have entered is available for your use or not. It will also be helpful for you to check the local directories so you can investigate whether another company is using your chosen name or not. Take note that it is prohibited to have two similar registered business names.
  • Reserve for the business name you find available. Once settled, navigate to the page indicating name reservation and apply for its reservation. Though this is not a requirement, it is still necessary for you to reserve the business name so you can make sure that no one will be registering the name ahead of you. This is especially true if you are not sure of filing the registration right away.
  • Download and complete forms for the registration. Download the complete list of registration forms from the same website. Print the documents out and fill out the needed information.
  • Prepare for the payment of the necessary filing fees. There are two different filing fees that you need to pay so you can register a name in the state. This includes the judge fee and actual filing fee. Non-payment of the fees will result in the non-processing of the business name registration. Go to the same website to check out all the fees you need to pay in relation to this transaction.
  • Get the registration documents notarized. Get all of your signed documents and get all of them a notary acknowledgment. There are a lot of local notary public services that you can sure find in your area.
  • Mail the forms for the completion of the registration process. The notarized forms and the complete fees must be mailed to the proper department. Address the package to: Alabama Secretary of State, Attn: Corporations Division, 11 South Union St., Room 207, Montgomery, AL 36104. When mailing the documents, make sure everything is complete including the filing fees. Take note that the non-inclusion or the payment of a partial amount will not result in the processing of your business name registration.

Registering a trade name in Alabama is just a simple process. As long as you follow the right track, you will not find any trouble in the success of your goal. So get your business started by registering it a name. Take note that you can hardly start a business without any name. Good luck!


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