How To Regulate Temperature in an Attic

We are at an age where the environment is very unstable let alone the weather.  We could experience either a very freezing cold weather or scorching hot temperature.  What do you do when it’s really hot?  Most people would not turn off the air conditioning; some would not even go out because the sun’s heat is just unbearable.  

There are simple and easy ways wherein you could regulate the temperature right in your own home especially in your attic.  Almost everyone has a thermostat already installed in their ventilating systems. This is a device used to control the temperature.  It helps maintain a certain level of coolness or hotness depending on the system it is installed with.  You can regulate heat by having this control unit in one of your systems at home.  

If you can’t withstand the sweltering heat, here’s how you can relax inside your home without the feeling of being burnt to a crisp.  Read on to find out how you can regulate temperature in your attic.

  • Attic ventilation.  Installing an attic ventilation system will help regulate the temperature inside your home.  It does not only cost less but it also saves energy.  One of the advantages of having a well ventilated attic is that it will decrease your 2nd or 3rd floor’s temperature, which are by the way the room/s closest to the roof, by at least 10 degrees.  Also, you will be saving a lot of money on electricity costs due to unplugged air conditioning.  You can opt to install a solar powered ventilator as it is quite easy and effective.  Plus, it does not need any electrical wiring thus making it more convenient too.
  • Air circulator fans.  These fans are designed to suck or sweep hot air out of a house or a building.  They are intended to regulate the heat in your entire home.  What it does is, as mentioned earlier, it sucks the hot air from everywhere in your house to your attic.  Then it forces all the hot air out of the attic through the soffit or gable vents.  And as a replacement of all the hot air sucked out of the attic, the air circulator fan then obtains cold air from the outside which in effect acts as air conditioning because it ends up cooling your entire house.
  • Attic fans.  There are two kinds of attic fans namely electrical fans and solar fans.  As the name suggests, electrical fans use electricity while solar fans use energy from the sun. Electric fans are known to be cheap and stronger than solar fans.  Solar fans are more expensive but you can be sure you are helping the environment by not using too much electrical energy.  Attic fans are of great help in regulating temperature in your attic although it does not replace the sucked heat from every room of the house but it helps in circulating air inside and not just let the heat concentrate in one area.

And you’re done!  Now you can take on the heat with these worry and hassle free tips for keeping the temperature in your attic regulated.


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