How To Reinstall Norton Internet Security

Getting computer viruses on your computer is one of the worst things that could happen to you. These computer viruses can make your computer act all crazy, make some programs inaccessible, make you lose some of your existing files or the worse of all - it could make your computer crash. That is why one of the necessities that every computer must have is an anti-virus.

An anti-virus protects and detects any computer virus that wish to enter your computer or already exist in it. This prevents internet pop-ups where many computer viruses come from and cleans up your drives for any existing virus.

One of the most popular anti-viruses available for computers to use is the Norton Internet Security. This was created by Symantec Corporation and was designed to prevent malware and identify viruses.

If you computer has been acting up lately, meaning it has been freezing or crashing, then it might be time to reinstall your Norton Internet Security. Your anti-virus may have been deleted or may have expired, putting your computer at risk for viruses.

If you can still see your Norton Internet Security icon then you first have to uninstall it before you can reinstall it. Make sure to delete it complete and to restart your computer after uninstalling it. Once you are done, you can now proceed to reinstalling your Norton Internet Security.

  • Purchase Norton Internet Security. Norton Internet Security is available in CD format or in downloadable format. You can purchase the Norton CD from computer stores or you can directly download it from the internet. If you download it from the internet, make sure you are getting the full version. You’ll be able to find some free Norton Internet Security programs but most of these are just trial or demo versions. If you want to make sure you purchase an authentic Norton Internet Security program, go the Norton Symantec store to order online.
  • Install Norton Internet Security. If you have the Norton CD then place the CD in the CD-ROM and wait for it to read. If you downloaded it, wait for the download to be complete. Once it is done reading the disc or downloading the program a new window will pop-up. Click on “Install Product Name” then click on next to start the installation of your program. Make sure there are no programs running to prevent it from affecting the installation process
  • Restart your computer. When the installation process is done, restart your computer. This will finalize your reinstallation of the Norton Internet Security. After restarting, try browsing through the internet or using the computer and you will notice that it doesn’t crash or freeze as much or at all.

An anti-virus program is definitely a must for your computer. Do not put at risk by exposing it to computer viruses. It is best to know when your subscription expires for you to be able to immediately subscribe before it expires. Remember, an anti-virus program like Norton Internet Security is definitely a lot cheaper than getting your computer repaired or actually buying a new one.


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