How To Relieve a Tender Stomach from the Stomach Flu

Most of the time, a tender stomach will result to stomach flu. This is something that many people experience and complain about. Even though most cases of stomach flu do not bring major danger to the affected individual, there may be instances when such will lead to complications. If you think that have a tender stomach, you can do something just by knowing how to relieve a tender stomach from the stomach flu.

Stomach pain is not just the only symptom of tender stomach. Other symptoms include fatigue, excessive sweating, vomiting, appetite loss, nausea, diarrhea, and cramps on the stomach. Most of the time, having these symptoms may require you to be confined on a hospital for the doctors to attend to what you are experiencing and diagnose you. But then again, if stomach flu is the underlying cause of tender stomach, you can put some remedy all by yourself. There are guidelines that you have to consider in order for you to effectively feel relief.

  • Say no to sports drinks, say yes to water. It is the right thing to replenish your body with water and juices that are watered down. Some may say that sports drinks will do wonders for the relief of your stomach, but as a matter of fact, your stomach will simply be prone to being irritated. If you think you can put a stop to your diarrhea and vomiting by means of drinking sports drinks, then you have to think again with this in consideration. If your stomach is receptive and you feel like vomiting, the best thing to do is to drink plenty of water.
  • Do not take aspirin. As a pain reliever, aspirin acts as a drug that fights off inflammation and pain, and helps in the reduction of the clotting of the blood. However, in the case of stomach flu, you must not take aspirin as the drug to call for. If you are experiencing terrible headaches, fatigue and muscle pain, the best aid for this is ibuprofen, not aspirin.
  • Watch your diet. In order to avoid further irritation of your stomach, stick with eating crackers and dry toast if you feel like nibbling food. If you have the feeling that you will be vomiting more often than the usual, do not eat right away after vomiting and wait for a few hours before doing so. In the meantime, keep your body hydrated by means of drinking a lot of water. Days after the symptoms of the stomach pain have already diminished, do not eat sweet foods. It will be better to go for foods that are bland. Going back to your usual diet will only mean obvious complications. Once your body has fully recuperated from the stomach flu, then that is the best time for you to go with the usual flow of your eating habits and general lifestyle.

Sure enough, stomach flu entails pain and without remedy it will bring you closer to more hassles. Commit to memory the given essential tips on how to relieve a tender stomach from the stomach flu and feel the relief you ought to feel.


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