How To Relieve Leg and Foot Edema With Tension Bandages

Pregnant women suffer from a wide host of discomforts especially as the delivery date nears. One of the most uncomfortable symptoms that have to be managed is edema. Oftentimes, the leg and foot may swell as a result of a compromised circulation system and the pressure brought about by a burgeoning belly.

You can relieve the leg and foot edema by using tension bandages. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to deal with the problem. Here’s how to do it.

  • Elevate the legs whenever possible. Try to raise your feet so that it is at a level that is higher than your head or heart. This will help improve the circulation on your legs and relieve the pressure brought about by standing and walking around for an extended period of time. Lying down with your legs raised propped on a pillow will also relieve some of the back pain you may be experiencing.
  • Keep moving around. Avoid standing for an extended period of time. It’s better to walk around of move your legs about while you are in a seated position. This prevents the water from pooling in one area for a long time.
  • Purchase tension bandages. Go to the pharmacy or health section of your grocery store and purchase some tension bandages. These are inexpensive as one pack usually comes with two rolls of a three inch wide bandage. There should also be matching metal or plastic clips in the package.
  • Wrap it around the foot. Start with one foot and unroll the bandage. Position the end of the bandage on top of the protruding bone of the big toe. Next, slowly wrap the bandage around the foot. As you wrap the bandage, pull on the end to make sure it is snug. At the start, you may need to hold on to the starting end to make sure it stays put. While wrapping the bandage around your foot and leg, position the bandage so that you move higher as you go along so you can cover your entire foot as needed. If you keep wrapping over one area for a long time, your bandage won’t be even.
  • Secure with a metal clip. Get the metal clip that comes with the package. Simply place it over the end of the bandage to secure it in place. If you feel that the bandages come undone as you are moving about, go ahead and adjust it. Simply unroll the bandage on your leg and foot and start over again, making sure to pull a little tighter at each turn around the leg.
  • Massage the legs. When you unwrap the bandages, be sure to soothe your legs by giving yourself a quick leg and foot rub. Better yet, get someone else to do it for you. it will not only help with the swelling, but it will improve the circulation and help relieve the binding tension of the bandages.

If the edema is due to a condition other than pregnancy, you should talk to your doctor about the problem. You may also experience edema if you have a problem with diabetes or have an issue with your kidney or liver.


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