How To Remain Friends after Divorce

While the union of two people in love with each other is a joyful experience for many, ending it through divorce remains a sadly common reality. We cannot just simply question a couple's marriage and its winding up to a divorce to begin with because it is a mutual decision between the two. For some, it is a good thing if the couple want to remain friends even after the divorce, but for others, moving on as part of the phase of falling out of love is necessary. All the same, it is important to know how to remain friends after divorce especially if there are children involved and you cannot completely end your relationship with your ex-partner.

  • Apologize to each other. The thing is, fighting will bring you no good. After all the bickering and rowing, apologize to each other. Once you let your partner know that you are sorry, you will feel lighter and freer.  Once your partner does the same thing—once your partner becomes sorry as well—things will be better. The divorced status may still be there, but knowing that things are fine between the two of you is something you can be proud of.
  • Have a proper closure of your love affair. Even if the divorce reflects the legality of the termination of your marital union, and not to mention the cancellation of responsibilities and duties legally as a couple, a proper closure is needed to ensure that you have ended your love affair. Even if the utterance of the closure of your love affair is an informal one, it will still help between the two of you on moving on for the next chapter of your lives.
  • Frequently communicate with each other. Just like with any other friends of yours, communicating with your ex is very important. Friendship requires communication to one another. If you are friends with your ex, it will not be a hard time for you to accept the reality that there will come a time when another person will fall in love with your ex. As long as you frequently communicate with each other, your friendship will grow on its own, just less in the love aspect. True enough, the friendship will not be as strong as your relationship when you were still married. Even if it takes some time to form a stronger bond with each other, it will still pay off in the end.

Remember that it is possible for a divorced couple to remain friends afterward. The basic keys to this are acceptance and communication.


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