How To Remove a Broken Drill Bit

Handling a drill requires some techniques. Putting too much pressure while using it can spell trouble. Pressure can break the drill bit. That is definitely going to stop your maintenance work or your project. You should also strive to keep your drilling more perpendicular. Maintain an upward position until you finish your task. Changing the angle of your drill can readily break the drill bit.

But don’t burden yourself. Removing a broken drill bit is quite simple. All you have to do is follow these instructions:

  • Pulling out a drill bit that protrudes from the surface. This is a good scenario. Consider yourself lucky. Just harden the drill bit and grab it. Use a pair of locking pliers. You can also form another bolt head.
  • Look for a flat washer. Get the one that has a similar hole size with your broken drill bit. A smaller size is suitable, too. Place the washer closer to the broken drill bit. However, if the broken drill bit is under the surface, use your ball peen hammer so you can just “dish out” the washer. That should allow you to have a fit close to the broken drill bit. Continue by welding the washer to the broken drill bit. After you have secured the washer to the broken drill bit, get a nut. Weld it to the washer. Then, get your reliable wrench and pull it out.
  • Drawing out a drill bit that broke below the surface. This requires a number of steps. This involves some drilling and some extracting. The most critical step is drilling a hole right into the middle of the broken drill bit. That’s going to be your central punch. If your punch is off the center, everything else is going to be problematic. You may not be able to draw out your broken drill bit. So, plan your moves well. You can aid yourself with an eyeball. You can also grab your size pilot. It is great if you have one that comes from an extractor set. Be very careful here. Accuracy plays a vital role. Now, if your broken drill bit isn’t flat, let a hand grinder pass over the surface. That should give you a good leeway to do your center punch.
  • Dealing with the worst scenario. What if you have tried using an extractor to pull out your broken drill bit? And after your first attempt, the extractor broke off, too? That’s a big dilemma, right? Well, don’t give up. If you have some welding skills, you can attach a stock directly to your broken drill bit. Also, you can opt to dissolve the extractor using a plasma cutter. You can also go to a machine shop and ask them to solve the problem with an electrical discharge machine. The said machine can readily make a precise cut, allowing you to remove the extractor and your broken drill bit.

Of course, after handling this predicament, your next job is to learn how to avoid breaking your other drill bits. You can save yourself from further trouble by using anti-seize on your remaining drill bits. Do it before you proceed in installing them.


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