How To Remove a Broken Tub Drain

Are you thinking of ways on how you can remove your broken tub drain? Well, stop stressing yourself. You have a number of options. But before you get to choose one, consider first the kind of drain system that your tub is using. Then, find out the special tool that can aid you. By the way, the special tool is strictly dependent on the condition of the crosshairs. Check out if the crosshairs below are still intact.

Here are your choices:

  • Use a plunger drain. This is usually the most preferred option. Unlike the lift-and-turn or the pull-up drain, a plunger drain doesn’t allow you the convenience of seeing the water while you are stopping it. However, you can rely on its trip lever. You can easily recognize it. It is actually a metal lever. It is located right on your tub drain’s wall. It is also just between the faucet and the drain.
  • Begin the process by turning off the water source. Check out the knob behind the tub. Turn it clockwise. Stop when it is already tight. Turn on the water source again. Water should no longer be running from your tub faucet. Otherwise, turn the knob some more and prevent the running water.
  • Then, take out the cover plate over the trip lever. It has some bolts in it. Remove them carefully. Once you have pulled out the cover plate, set it aside. Place it somewhere far from your tub wall. After that, remove the trip lever, too. Expose your drain by tugging some more and by removing the plunger and the linkage from your tub.
  • Get your pair of pliers. Slide its handles into your exposed drain. Continue by unscrewing your exposed drain. That should let your drain come out effortlessly. Remove the blockage using a household cleaner and a brush.
  • Rely on a dumbbell key. You can fit this special tool just around the crosshairs and gain some leverage. This is ideal if the crosshairs remain intact. If they are broken or some are missing, you may have to expand the drain key so you can take out your broken tub drain. You can buy this from a nearby supply store or from a home improvement center.
  • Afterwards, pull out the stopper. If it works with a lever, remove the bolts first. Use a screwdriver (with a Phillips head) so you can pull out the lever and then, bring the linkage closer to the stopper into the wall. You can remove the knob by pressing the stopper and turning it counterclockwise. Insert a screwdriver (with a flat head) right through the knob cavity so you can completely pull it out. Move it counterclockwise if necessary.

Look at the crosshairs. If they are intact at the bottom, insert your dumbbell key. Be careful with the notches. They should fit. Get a screwdriver or a wrench so you can grab the dumbbell key’s shaft. Then, turn it counterclockwise so you can pull out the drain. However, if the crosshairs are missing or broken, use the screwdriver or the wrench in order to expand the key. Turn the big nut. Move clockwise. Once the nut has opened the sleeves, you can already remove the drain.


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