How To Remove a Burn Stain From a Wood Tabletop

A good wood tabletop is certainly exquisite. Its finish readily lends it some sort of character, making it more appealing and admirable as it ages. And because of its innate beauty, extra care is necessary. In fact, you should protect it from a burn stain. Otherwise, its appearance can easily be marred.

A burn stain can be caused by carelessly dropping a cigarette or by absentmindedly placing a hot pot on your wood tabletop. A burn stain can create an eyesore that is surely difficult not to miss. Now, if your wood tabletop has already been blemished by a burn stain, don’t give up. You can still bring back the beauty of your wood tabletop. All you have to do is to invest some time and effort and follow these simple solutions:

  • Prepare your own cleaning paste. Get linseed oil and ground pumice. Put them together so you can make a paste. Mix them evenly and thoroughly. When the paste is ready, get a clean cloth. Make sure that it is soft. Use it in applying the paste into your wood tabletop. Concentrate on the burn stain. Rub it with your paste. Follow the direction of the wood’s grain. Continue the process until the stain is effectively removed. Add some more paste if needed. Get another clean cloth to finish the job. Use it to wipe your wood tabletop.
  • Concoct your own moistening mixture. Buy some lemon oil. Then, pour some of it in your steel wool pad. Continue by rubbing your steel wood pad into the burn stain. See to it that you don’t scratch your wood tabletop. Note the wood’s grain. Let your steel wood pad follow it. After that, get some flour. Sprinkle the floor over the burn stain. Allow the flour to absorb your lemon oil. Eventually, prepare to clean and moisten your wood tabletop. You can do that by bringing out a cloth diaper. Dip it with water and use it in rubbing off the lemon oil and the flour. Complete the job by applying a suitable wood polish. That should do the trick.
  • Take care of those heat rings. Start by wiping off your wood tabletop. See to it that no debris is left. Then, get your steam iron. Fill it up with water before you plug it and set it to steam function. Look for the first heat ring. Cover it up with a thin cloth. Make sure that the cloth is clean. When your steam iron is already hot, run it over the heat ring. Do it quickly. Afterwards, remove the cloth. Repeat the procedure to get rid of the remaining heat rings.
  • Remove burns from cigarette or fire. Clean your wood tabletop first. Get rid of any dirt. Then, pour some non-drying oil to your steel wool. A good alternative for it is either a mineral oil or a vegetable oil. After that, use the steel wool to scrub out the burns. Clean your wood tabletop by wiping out any excess non-drying oil.

Take note that if the burn stain is really large and deep, contacting a professional is definitely more practical. A refinisher can handle the problem well. Realize that your wood tabletop is fragile. So, don’t risk it.


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