How To Remove a Casement Window Pane

Do you need to remove a casement window pane? Well, it is an easy project. You can definitely do it by yourself. Of course, you have to source the necessary tools first. After that, you should be ready to take out the glass in your window. Whether the glass is old or cracked, prepare to replace it with a new one. This little project can save you good money. So, if you are serious about this, here are some guidelines for you:

  • Find a canvass trap. It should be big enough to catch the debris once you have knocked down your window. Throw it down just below your window. It should allow you to clean up your mess in no time.
  • Wear a pair of safety gloves and a pair of safety glasses. These gears should protect you from getting injured in the process.
  • Bring out your hammer. Use it so you can get rid of the old glass from the pane of your window. Hold your hammer firmly as you tap it on the glass. Continue tapping until the glass breaks.
  • Once you have broken the old glass from your window, start removing the jagged edges that were left. Do it carefully.
  • You should also watch out for some dried putty. You can find them around your window frame. You have to take them out as well. If the dried putty doesn’t come off automatically, reach for your putty knife.
  • Don’t throw the sash clips that you find right inside the frame of your window. You need them later so you can hold the new pane in its proper place.
  • Clean your window frame. Bring out your paintbrush. Use it to wipe away the dirt. Get rid of the other debris, too. You have to thoroughly clean the surface. This is going to ensure a smooth installation later.
  • Start measuring the inside of your window frame. Give the measurements to a glass manufacturer in your area. He should be able to cut a piece for your window.
  • Position the new glass inside the frame of your window. Be very careful. Grab your sash clips. Use them to hold the new glass in place.
  • Watch out for your window pane. It may fall out of the casement of your window. Keep it in its position by sealing it. Use your putty and your putty knife to do the task. Apply your putty liberally around your window pane. Then, smoothen out the putty using your putty knife. Wait until the putty completely dries up.
  • Bring out a dry cloth. Use it in cleaning your new window pane. Get rid of the debris. If you see some putty that dried up on the glass, remove them, too. If wiping the dry cloth doesn’t work, scrape it off using your putty knife. Again, do it cautiously. You don’t want to end up scratching your newly installed glass.

Congratulate yourself for doing a wonderful job! Don’t forget to wear the right safety gears if you need to do this project again.


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