How To Remove Adhesive Residue from Glass

It can be such a hassle if you buy glasses or mugs or even a vase and you can't completely remove the price sticker off of the product. No matter how carefully you peel off the sticker, some parts don't come off, leaving behind a sticky, annoying residue. If you attempt scrubbing it, the sticky parts become a gummy mess. This also happens if you want to reuse a glass bottle or jar, and you want to remove the labels. The labels are even stickier compared to price stickers, and the bigger surface area make it even more difficult to remove. Thankfully, your home is filled with materials and ingredients that can aid you in removing adhesive residue easily, so you won't have to purchase anything extra for that clean and shiny glass object. If you wish to remove annoying adhesive residue easily, below are some ways to do it.

  • Heat it in the microwave. Sometimes, heating the bottles or jars for a minute or two in the microwave oven can loosen the sticker so you can easily peel it off. The moisture that the microwave's heat produces can loosen the adhesive enough for you to remove the sticker easily. Just make sure that these bottles, jars and other objects are microwave friendly. This process might not be effective in removing the adhesive bands around the bottles or jars, though. If you still find those stubborn adhesive bands, try the other steps mentioned below.
  • Wash the glass first. Before anything else, you should clean the glass well before doing anything with it. Wash the glass with regular soap and water. If the glass had initially contained any oily substance, make sure that you completely wash it off. This prevents the glass from slipping and breaking once you start working on it. The water will soften the paper on it, so you can carefully peel off the parts that have come loose from the bottle or jar. Do it slowly and try to peel it off as one piece.
  • Try any available cleaning compound. Cleaning compounds abound in your home. Check your garage if you have any WD-40 remaining. You should also check your manicure set or kit and use the nail polish remover or acetone. You can even use lighter fluid for this. Find the cleaning compound that is available in your home.
  • Apply the compound on a paper towel. The paper towel is the best material to use since it is rough enough to slough through the tough adhesive and sticker. Simply soak the paper towel with the cleaning compound and use this to saturate the area completely. You may also use cotton balls for this, for better absorption. If you have WD-40 on hand, you can spray this directly on the label or sticker.
  • Let the compound seep into the label. Wait a couple of seconds for the compound to be completely absorbed by the adhesive. You will notice that the label will gradually become softer and easier to scrub off. Repeat this procedure until you have completely removed the adhesive.

Be careful when you are handling glass objects so you won't break it. Work on a table so you won't break it if you drop it.


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