How To Remove Adware from Windows XP

Adware will always be a part of an Internet user's experience. It can be extremely annoying because it interrupts your surfing, and it can even cause your computer to perform more slowly. Adware can range from the header ads that appear on websites to the pop-ups that annoyingly disrupt your online surfing. These adware are not only annoying, they can also be harmful to your computer. Some adware contain spyware in them, which infiltrate your computer system and attempts to get information from the data they find there. If you are inputting credit card data, these spyware could get hold of your data and steal your identity. You should find ways to block these adware from appearing while you are browsing, so you won't have to worry about these World Wide Web nightmares. If you are using Windows XP and want to remove these risks, the following are ways to get rid of adware.

  • Know what you will need. To be able to accomplish this, you must get yourself an anti-adware and anti-spyware program, as well as an anti-virus program. You can get this from any computer software shop. You can also download these for a fee or for free over the internet. Just be sure that you choose the antivirus and spyware programs that are well-known and have a good record about its efficacy.
  • Clean up your computer first. First, you should make sure that your computer's hard drive is completely free of any malicious wares that have infiltrated your system. These malicious spyware or programs can be downloaded together with your other files, and you won't know about it unless you search for it. To search for these pesky programs, you should go to the section labeled Control Panel, and choose “Add or Remove Programs.” The computer will show a list of all the programs that is installed in your computer. Find the ones that are unfamiliar to you. If you do not remember installing them, then they are probably adware or spyware. Uninstall these from your computer immediately.
  • Delete cookies and other temporary files. These are perfect places for your adware to reside in. You should clean up your cookies and temporary files at least once every week. You can do this by opening up your Internet browser, and finding the tools that will enable you to delete these files. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can go to “Tools” then choose “Delete Browsing History.” You will see several options and tabs for you to click there. Check “Delete Temporary Files” and “Delete Cookies” to be able to include this process when you delete your browsing history. There is also an option where you can delete all the items listed on the box. You may do this step to completely remove any sign of your Internet browsing.
  • Install your anti-adware and spyware programs. Once you have chosen on your preferred brand, you can now install this to your computer. Several of these programs also offer adware and spyware removal services, so this will be really helpful in case you have missed out on cleaning up your hard drive.

Remember that anti-virus programs work differently than anti-adware and anti-spyware programs. Remember to install these too so you can ensure that your computer has extra protection from these malicious programs.


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