How To Remove Carpet Padding Stuck On Hardwood Floors

Sometimes it is hard to remove the carpet padding stuck on the floor especially if you don’t know the ways and techniques to remove it. However, there are some easy remedies to this problem. Read on for some techniques to remove carpet padding stuck on hardwood floors:

  • Know the things you will need. The tools you will need are available in any local hardware in your area. You will need a framing hammer, construction trash bags, cats’ paw, dust mask, pliers, flat head screwdrivers, leather working gloves, broom and dust pan, mineral spirits, heat gun or hair dryer and pliable knife.
  • Do the first step. Go to the corner of the floor area where the carpet is. Then start pulling the foam padding off of the floor. You can start pulling at the tack strip at the bottom, and remove the whole foam padding of the carpet. With your hand, pull them as much as you can to take them off the floor. After removing the foam padding, you must dispose them properly. Tear the foam into small pieces so it wouldn’t be hard to stack them on the trash bag and dispose them safely.
  • Do the second step. Now, start pulling off the tack strip on the floor. With your hammer, use the cats’ paw and start pulling the tack strip from the floor. You must also dispose those tack strips properly. Rip them into smaller pieces before putting them to a trash bag and dispose them in a right way.   
  • Remove the staples. Start removing the staples off the floor. You can use the screwdriver to do this step. Simply point its end to every staple on the floor, twist it, and remove the staple. Another option is to use pliers. Simply clip each individual staple using the pliers and remove the staples. Do any of these steps until all the staples are removed from the floor.
  • Remove the stuck padding. Heat up the stuck part of the padding using a hair dryer or a heat gun, then immediately take them off with the help of the pliable knife. A second technique is done through the use of mineral spirits. Soak the rag on the mineral spirit then wipe it on the stuck padding on the floor. Allow the mineral to be absorbed by the padding for a few minutes, until the adhesive has softened on its own. Then it would be easily to remove. You can also use a knife to remove the padding properly.    
  • Clean the floor. Now that you are done removing the carpet padding and everything in it, you can now sweep the floor. Clean the floor very well to restore its natural beauty. Or if you prefer to change the carpet then you can start installing it after you clean the floor.

Giving your home a new look really depends a lot on the floor. Cleaning up your floor will definitely help give a new and more polished look to your home. So if you’re dealing with a problem such as carpet padding stuck on your hardwood floor, just take about a half a day to do the steps above and you will surely be rewarded by a home that’s simply better to look at and even live in. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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