How To Remove Cigarette Smoke Smell from Clothes

Cigarette smoke sticks to clothes, on the hair, on furniture, in the car and everywhere else that leaves a very unpleasant smell. You will know if a person is a smoker once you go near him. His hair and clothes reek of cigarette smell. His car and home also smells of cigarette smoke. If you are non-smoker, you may find this smell very annoying. Smoke can stick to your clothes even if you do not puff cigarettes. Being in the company of smokers also puts you at risk of smelling like smoke. But if you smoke, you may have probably get used to its odor. Nonetheless, the people who smell you do not like it at all. Here are some tips on how to remove cigarette smoke smell from your clothes.

  • Coffee grounds can be used in eliminating cigarette smoke smell in clothes. Place coffee grounds in a container and put your clothes inside a big plastic bag with the grounds at the bottom. Leave hanging for a few days until the coffee grounds have sucked out the cigarette smell from your clothes. Take clothes out of the plastic bag and hang outside. This will remove the smell of coffee. If the clothes have not been washed, proceed with washing them. If they have not yet been worn, take them inside and keep them in your closet.
  • Baking soda and vinegar are great odor absorbers. Combining them together will surely remove the odor of cigarette smoke from your clothing. Fill a basin with about two inches of hot water and pour in a cup each of vinegar and baking soda. Dunk in the clothes and wait for an hour. Proceed with washing, using the water with the vinegar and baking soda in it.
  • Fabric conditioner will give you fragrant-smelling clothes. To completely eliminate any smell on your clothes, use fabric conditioner on them. When you wear them, they will smell nice up to a number of hours.
  • For an out-of-the-house remedy, use an odor eliminator. If you have just had lunch with your coworkers and you still have to go back to the office, spray your clothes with a cigarette odor eliminator like GoneSmoke. It eliminates the odor in no time. Keep a spray bottle in your bag all the time so you can use it after you smoke. You can also offer it to your colleagues who also reek of cigarette smoke.

If you cannot give up smoking, follow the above tips as much as possible so that you will not smell like cigarette smoke every time. Also, keep away from non-smokers so that they will be spare from smelling like you. And most importantly, do not smoke when there are children around. Not only will their clothes and hair smell like cigarette smoke too, but you are also posing dangers to their health. Try to lessen the sticks of cigarette you consume per day. Avoid smoking while at work so your office clothes will not reek of cigarette smoke smell.


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