How To Remove Contact Paper Residue

Contact paper is a great way to decorate your home according to the design that suits you taste and preference. You can change the design of your walls or floor anytime you feel like it. But removing the old contact paper and replacing a new can be quite a task. Removing the contact paper itself is not very difficult, but removing the adhesive residue from the walls and floors is what makes it difficult. Contact paper residue is very sticky. That is the tricky part in removing contact paper. However, with the right tools, you can definitely remove the residue of the contact paper’s adhesive. This article will give you tips on how to remove the residue left by contact paper. Read on.

  • Use products that are designed to remove adhesive residues. One of the products that you can use is Goo Gone. It removes adhesive residue very effectively. It is cheap and you can buy it from any home store in your area. Another one is the Krud Kutter. It comes in a spray bottle and you can spray it directly to the residue. It is a stain and residue remover. It works on grease, crayon, paint, oil, wax, and other stains. Spray on the area and leave it for about half an hour before wiping off with a dry cloth. When you use these products, make sure to clean the area with a surface cleaner after.
  • Kerosene can also be used in removing adhesive residue. It is known that kerosene can remove bubble gum residue from clothes. It can also be used on other surfaces. If you have a small area with leftover residue, you can use kerosene. But it is not advisable to use this on large areas because it is very flammable. Exercise caution when using kerosene.
  • Coke and other colas can also be used. Colas such as Coke and Pepsi are very acidic. It is said that acid removes any sticky residue left on surfaces. Once you have removed the contact paper, get a rough cloth or a stiff-bristled brush. Soak the rough cloth in the Coke and wring, but do not squeeze too hard. The cloth should be very wet. Scrub on the adhesive residue until everything has come off. When using a stiff-bristled brush, pour the Coke on the floor and scrub with the brush. Be careful when you scrub, though. The bristles may scratch the surface. Apply just the right amount of pressure. Rub the surface with a clean cloth after

You can now change your wall’s design more often now that you have learned how to remove the adhesive residue left by removing contact paper. Make sure that you remove every single residue so that when you put in a new one, it will be flat on the wall or floor and will not have any bumps from the leftover residue. In removing the contact paper itself, you can use a hair dryer in peeling the paper from the walls or floors. The heat will lift the paper. Then you can proceed with removing the residue.


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