How To Remove Cooking Odors from the Home

Although home cooked foods smell and taste really delicious, they do leave an unpleasant odor throughout the house when you have finished cooking. The most common smells are onion smells, the smell of raw fish, of used cooking oil and other odors that come from different kinds of food. You cannot really remove the odors that come with them, but you can try some ways on how to eliminate these odors that permeate the entire house once you prepare them. This article will give you tips on how to maintain the good smell of your house even if you cook foods that leave odors. Read on.

  • Use baking soda. Baking soda is probably the most famous tool in removing any kind of odor at home. While you are doing your cooking, place a bowl of baking soda on the kitchen counter to absorb the odors that come out of the food that you are cooking. This will eliminate any odor that comes with the cooking food. Just make sure to no longer use the baking soda in any baking endeavors in the future. Toss it out after a few days and replace with a new bowl.
  • Let fresh air in. Open the doors and windows of your house while you are cooking. Fresh air will come in the house and the smoke and odors from your cooking will have plenty of exits. You will not have to worry about having your house smell like French fries.
  • Vinegar is another kitchen ingredient that you can make use. It works the same as baking soda. You only have to place a bowl near the stove. It will definitely eliminate the smell of fish and other fried foods.
  • Have an exhaust installed in your kitchen. Most modern kitchens have exhausts installed directly above the stove so that the smoke will no longer linger in the kitchen and go out of the exhaust directly. If you do not have one, consider installing an exhaust so that you will not have to worry about kitchen odors permeating your entire house.
  • Lemon can also get rid of those nasty kitchen odors. While you are cooking, bring a pot of water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, squeeze in two pieces of lemon that have been cut in halves. This will absorb any odor that comes out of your cooking. It will also emit a nice smell, courtesy of the lemon.
  • Coffee beans can also eliminate kitchen odors. They absorb the odors that are present in your home. All you have to do is place a cup of ground coffee beans in your kitchen and you will notice that your kitchen does not smell bad anymore.

Follow these tips every time you prepare a meal for your family. There is nothing more annoying than a house that smells of cooking odors. This is specially embarrassing when you host a dinner party and you are having guests at home. A good host does not only prepare good food, but also creates an inviting and relaxing ambience to the place. You cannot achieve this if your house reeks of cooking odors.


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