How To Remove Ekrn EXE

Obviously, cloning happens all the time in the virtual world. How do you think fake websites and programs happen? One such program that can be used to infiltrate your system is the Ekrn EXE. Computer experts will tell you that this is a legitimate program that is actually good for computer performance. However, if you notice that recently your computer has been acting real slow- slower at booting up, buffering, and processing simple commands - and you have been an unwilling host to spam, you might want to take a closer look into your computer. Chances are, this program has been replicated and is now being used against your computer in the form of a virus and its other unfavorable company.

Before tackling the ways by which to remove Ekrn EXE from your computer, it is also beneficial for you to know what’s causing it and the symptom resulting from it in the first place. Here are the answers:

  • The source of this is your computer’s registry system. The registry system is what makes it possible for you to get virtual permission when you download anything, install updates, and remove programs from your computer. The registry system in your computer cannot detect faulty programs. In the process, any unwanted program resembling Ekrn EXE is allowed to embed itself in your program files.
  • Regularly adding computer programs, which eventually lead to faulty software that slows down your computer in a very noticeable way.
  • Encountering errors while installing and removing programs. This is often signaled by a program stopping or quitting in the middle of installation.

Here are ways to remove the Ekrn EXE.

  • Locate the windows icon on your computer. This is the icon that is found between the control and alt keys on your computer keyboard. Click on that icon and the letter “E” on your keyboard. Do this simultaneously.
  • Locate the specific volume/partition in your computer. This is volume C in your computer. Click on that and look for this: C: Windows and then C: Windows/Systems32 Folder. From here, you can delete all Ekrn EXE folders or files. These have all been infected by the virus.
  • Enable your computer’s virus scan. Although a specific volume/partition has been specified as the one that contains the contaminated folder or file, you are directed to include all the drives in your computer as you conduct and complete a virus scan for the replicated Ekrn EXE. Once the virus check has run its entire course, you are instructed to click the option to “fully delete and the clean the infected files.”
  • Restart your computer. This effectively and permanently removes the offensive program from your computer system.

Remember that this is a good program that helps your computer. The Ekrn EXE was not intended to harm your computer in the form of a virus, a worm, malware, or spyware. In fact, it is hardly ever labeled as a security threat. The worst it can do is slow down your computer and allow spam to bombard you when you check on your internal email. However, do not rest until you have removed all replications from your computer before it starts mutating into something else. Save yourself the headache and clean up your registry right this very moment!


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