How To Remove Gum from Denim

One way of preventing unfortunate things from happening, such as getting a piece of chewing gum stuck on your favorite pair of jeans, is to be careful around places where it is most likely to happen, such as public benches. However, this is certainly not the case in real life. You’ll get gum on your pants when you least expect it. Indeed, it is both grueling and troublesome to take out gum from denim jeans. Aside from the gum being naturally sticky, it also incorporates easily into the fabric and thus, adding to the intricacy of the said process. On the bright side, there exists a method to best remove gum from your denim jeans. All you need is to have a good alert mind, coupled with a number of helpful tips. Here are some.

  • Gather the materials and equipment needed for removal. Essentially, you would need a blunt-ended knife for scraping away the gum, vinegar and detergent for dissolving it, and nylon brush for scrubbing both solutions onto the gum and a bowl where you can put excess ingredients and waste materials.
  • Act on the problem fast. Removing gum from your denim jeans is best done as soon as possible in order to prevent the further adherence of the gum to your fabric. This also avoids the extensive solidification of the gum, thus making the job easier and faster.
  • Chip away using a blunt knife. Scrape as much as possible gum using the back of a butter knife or any other dull utensil. Doing this would prevent you from damaging your denim jeans in contrast to using sharp objects. Slowly peel off the gum and at the same time, keep it from spreading to the rest of your fabric. You can also freeze the gum using ice cubes first, and then chip it off using again a blunt object.
  • Look for gum removal products. After scraping off most of the gum, you can actually look for removal products on the market. This is a faster and less-demanding method. However, be wary of some products that can heavily stain your denim jeans.
  • Apply some hot vinegar. Heat an ample amount of vinegar in the microwave. Be careful not to make it boil. Using the nylon brush, scrub your vinegar onto the gum. Vinegar is considered a good acid and is said to remove gum easily. Continue applying vinegar until most of the gum is removed from the fabric.
  • Use detergents. After dipping the nylon brush into the liquid detergent, carefully brush the stain left by the gum. This step completely removes any stain or other gum residues left. Wash the affected area and let it dry using sunlight. Do not use the dryer for this could aggravate the stain produced by the gum. 
  • Avoid using other remedies. Do not use greasy or oily remedies available in removing gum for this would only stain your denim jeans.

These are just some easy steps on how to remove gum from denim pants. With some initiative and quick thinking, you can easily remove gum on your precious denim jeans!


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