How To Remove Paint from Fabric

Paint on your clothing can be annoying especially if you get it on your favorite shirt or favorite pair of jeans. No matter how careful you are, some paint spatters can accidentally get on your clothes. If you have children learning to be creative, paint can easily get on their clothes or your sofa even with aprons and newspaper covering all areas you want to protect. You do not have to limit your child’s creativity by not allowing her to paint. There are ways to remove paint on fabric should it happen.

  • Spray on some hairspray on the painted area. Any brand of hairspray will do, even the cheap ones. Many recommend using the extra hold or extra strength version of the hairspray. Simply spray the affected area and let the hairspray stay for a minute or two. Gently rub or scrape off the paint. Use your fingernails or a butter knife. You may need to do this several times. Do not worry about the hairspray on the clothing. You can launder the fabric after to remove the hairspray.
  • Apply nail polish remover on the paint. Latex paint is harder to remove compared to other kinds of paint. Water-based paint can be removed with ordinary washing using cold water. Also, oil-based paint can be removed using strong detergents in hot water. Latex paint on fabric can also be removed by applying nail polish remover. Let the nail polish remover set for a minute or two. Gently rub or scrape off.
  • Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol and use an old bristle brush. You will have to do a lot of scrubbing with this technique. Be gentle since the fabric may tear if you rub it too hard. Use an old toothbrush for softer fabrics like cotton and spandex. For denim and twill fabrics, you can use a scouring sponge. Keep applying rubbing alcohol until you get the paint off.
  • Mix lemon juice and Oxi-Clean stain remover to create your paint remover. Aside from Oxi-Clean, there are other several brands you can try. Most are commercially available at your nearby grocery or local hardware. The lemon juice contains natural acids to help get rid of the unwanted paint on the fabric.
  • Try paint removing commercial products like “Goof Off” or “Windex.”  These contain chemicals but have proven to work and let you avoid the hassle of experimenting with ordinary household products. Have this in your stock room if you often use paint in your work.
  • Hand wash the affected area with detergent mixed with some cola. This technique has been tried by several people and in most cases it works. The cola may leave a funny smell on the clothing so it is better to wash it again with just laundry soap.

After trying different techniques it is important to launder your clothes or the fabric to remove the paint removing solution or mixture that you used. As soon as you get unwanted paint on your clothing or fabric, scrape off what you can with a dry towel. And try the different techniques. Do not let the paint stay on the fabric too long or it will make your task more difficult.


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