How To Remove Paint Stripper

Painting is one of the most common ways of renovating a house or an establishment. However, time will come where you need to repaint. Use a paint remover or paint stripper to help you remove old paints. These solvent solutions are designed to strip paint. It can also clean the area’s underlying surface. Below are guides on how to remove paint stripper.

  • Protect yourself. Use protective eyewear and rubber gloves. Work in a ventilated location to protect your lungs. Remove or move away furnishings and furniture so they won’t get spilled. Don’t work on paint if you’ve got weak lungs; hire or ask someone to do the job for you.
  • Remove any paint remnants that have contacted paint stripper. Carefully dispose the material according to your local dangerous materials regulations.
  • Pour cool clean water in a pail. Use a sponge to wipe stripped paint areas. Use a hose if you’ll remove paint in a huge area like a porch or deck. Use a curtain or any drop cloth to secure nearby flora from the paint stripper. Utilize a mop so you can spread the striper wash or water to protect indoor floors.
  • Let the location dry thoroughly by keeping the area ventilated. Rewash the location if there are any hints of discoloration and odor that indicate remaining paint stripper. Wash it with stripper wash or generous water amount until you’re satisfied.
  • Water is enough to remove paint stripper but it may give you a hard time compared to using special washes. You can buy paint stripper special washes at your local hardware or home improvement stores. If paint stripper contacted vinyl or other delicate surfaces, then remove the paint stripper immediately after you’ve removed the paint.
  • Notes about removing paint strippers. There are flammable flames strippers so keep the location ventilated until fumes are thoroughly neutralized. Most paint stripers are hazardous on skin so ensure that you’re wearing proper apparel while doing the task.
  • Consider paint stripper alternatives. Paint strippers can be harmful to the environment and to your health. Paint strippers products have high levels of volatile organic chemicals or POP or persistent organochlorine chemicals.
  • Heat gun as paint stripper alternative. It is an effective alternative. It is a device that emits hot air streams to dry strip paints. It looks like a hair dryer.
  • Mineral washing soda as paint stripper alternative. There are also cheaper household materials like mineral washing soda that you can use as solvent substitute; it works well in stripping paint.
  • Make a thick paste from water and washing soda (wear gloves because washing soda is a little caustic even if it doesn’t emit fumes). Use a putty knife to spread some mixture on the surface that you’ll stripped. Let the mixture sit for a few hours but it’s better to apply it overnight. Moist the mixture with water occasionally to keep it moist, then rinse the mixture afterwards. You can now peel the paint easily. Spot test the formula to ensure that the mixture won’t damage wood.

Make safety a priority when removing paint strippers. Don’t let children and pets hang around the location while you’re working or hours after you’ve work. Post a note in the location or inform other elders in the residence.


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