How To Remove PC Doctor

You need a faster computer especially if you’re working with graphics or other complex applications. As cookies, caches and files get accumulated on your system, your computer will slowdown a bit even if it has a fast memory and processor, and it has a big hard drive.

You might have PC Doctor in your computer to make your system faster. The program is a diagnostic application that will determine if you computer is experiencing problems. However, other applications are not compatible with PC Doctor. Now, you might want to remove PC Doctor to install important applications. Read the two methods below on how to uninstall the program.

  • Add or Remove Programs Procedure
    • Click Control Panel. To go to this panel, click Start and press Control Panel. Click the Add/Remove Programs selection. As you click, you’ll see the different programs that are installed in your system. You’ll also see their file sizes. You can also see which programs you are using frequently. Analyze if you still need the inactive programs so you can uninstall them for you to have a faster computer.
    • Remove PC Doctor from your computer. Find and click PC Doctor from the list of applications. You’ll notice that it will be highlighted in blue. You’ll see the Remove tab in its right side. Click the Remove tab. Your system will ask you if you’re certain to remove the software and all its components. Click Yes. Your system will automatically remove the application. You might need to restart your computer to apply the changes.
    • Check your desktop and list of programs. This will ensure that you have uninstalled PC Doctor successfully. However, remnants of PC Doctor will still remain in your system.
    • Revo Uninstall Procedure
    • Download a special application removal tool. Revo Uninstaller is one of the most sought after software removal tool. Revo will remove programs even in the deepest parts of your Windows Registry, which Add/Remove Programs function can’t do.
    • Download Revo Uninstaller. Just type a keyword like Revo Uninstaller free download in the URL. Your search engine will give you lots of choices. Download and run Revo in your system. Open the program when you’ve downloaded it. You might need to restart your system for Revo to function properly.
    • Wait for Revo to load the icons of the applications that are installed in your system. This may take longer than Add/Remove programs because Revo is more detailed. Find the PC Doctor icon and click it. Then, go to the Revo toolbar and click Uninstall Tool. Click Advanced Removal selection and then click Next.
    • Click the Revo removal process confirmation when you’re asked. The procedure will let Revo remove all bits and pieces of PC Doctor that are still installed in your system. The procedure will bring you to the Window’s Registry tree page that indicated all the hard drive locations where PC Doctor has put registry entries.
    • Choose Select All. This will highlight all the traces of PC Doctor in your system. Click Delete ALL for Revo to remove all PC Doctor remnants. Click Finish after Revo has finished its task.

Use Revo if you want to remove traces of old versions of applications so you can install newer versions. Because of comprehensive search and removal of application remnants, it will be easier for you to download a new software copy you desire. Registry traces must be thoroughly removed for they can deny you of a new software download and compatible issues might occur.


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