How To Remove Pet Hair from Fabric

If you live with pets, then you know that one of the perils of being a furry friend lover is that their fur gets on everything. This includes your clothes, sofa and carpet. It can be quite cumbersome to remove pet hair individually so you need to find a better and more efficient way.

Before you give up and decide to put your pet up for adoption, try these quick and easy tips to remove pet hair from fabric.

  • Use a lint roller. Get a lint roller and brush it over all articles of clothing. If you have pets that shed excessively, you should have more than a couple of these lint brushes or rollers lying around your house. To use, remove the top later strip to reveal the fresh sticky strip. Pass it over the fabric and watch how the fur will magically stick to the adhesive tape of the lint roller. If you have a lint brush, the brush will still pick up the fur.
  • Use some masking tape. An inexpensive solution to this dilemma is to get a roll of everyday office masking tape. Cut out a wide strip, about two feet long and place the tape over the fur on the fabric. Press down on the tape with the palm of your hand to make sure it gets a good grip on the fur. As you pull off the tape, you’ll see that the fur is no longer on the fabric. Keep repeating the process until all the fur is gone. Use a new strip of tape if there is so much fur on the tape and it has lost its sticky quality.
  • Shake off your clothes. For little bits of fur, you may simply need to brush yourself off. Give your shirt a good pat down. If you’re not wearing the item, shake the item.
  • Wet a washcloth. Get a small white washcloth. Wet it with a bit of water. Now gently pass the washcloth over the fabric. As you wipe over the fabric, the fur will adhere to the wet washcloth. Repeat the process until you have removed all the fur.
  • Get a sheet of fabric softener. Fabric sheet softeners are also great at getting fur out of fabric. It can be used for most types of fabric such as cotton, linen, silk and even wool. Get one square of fabric softener. Any brand will do. Gently go over the fabric to pick up the excess fur. The fur should stick to the fabric sheet leaving your garment fur free and fresh smelling.
  • Vacuum the fabric. If the fabric in question is a quilt or a piece of furniture, then you need to bring out your vacuum cleaner or dust buster. Turn the machine on high and let the vacuum suck out all the fur your pet has left behind.

You need to be vigilant about keeping the pet hair off your fabric. If you want, cover your sofa and bedding with some towels so you only need to clean the towels. Check your clothes before you step out the door to make sure there’s no stray dog or cat fur on your suit. Have a few lint brushes around the house for easy removal anytime.


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