How To Remove Petroleum Jelly from Upholstery Fabric

Petroleum jelly is great for moisturizing lips and the skin. It acts as a barrier against moisture loss, chafing and can also be used for first aid needs. It’s a great oil based product that has a variety of uses so it’s no wonder that almost all homes have it in the medicine cabinet. However, petroleum jelly can be quite a pain if it accidentally lands on your sofa or sheets. Because of its natural barrier like properties, it can be quite tricky to treat a petroleum jelly stain. Don’t fret. Here’s how to remove petroleum jelly from upholstery fabric.

  • Remove the jelly. Did a blob of petroleum jelly just land on the arm of the sofa? Is there Goo or Vaseline on the seat of the chair? Wherever the petroleum jelly is, be sure to remove it right away. Scoop it out carefully so you can get it off in one chunk. Be careful not to smear it on the fabric as you try to get it out or you may end up further imbedding it on the fabric. If you don’t want it on your hands, use the back of a knife or a teaspoon to try and get it out. Throw out the petroleum jelly.
  • Blot off with a paper towel. Now that you have removed the bulk of the petroleum jelly, it’s time to clean up the mess that got left behind. Get a paper towel and try to blot off the jelly from the fabric. Gently press the paper towel down on the fabric so you can wipe off as much of the product as possible.
  • Douse it with alcohol. When you have removed even the traces of the petroleum jelly but still have a stubborn bit left, get some rubbing alcohol. Squirt a bit of the alcohol directly on the petroleum jelly. This should help break down the particles of the jelly to make it easier for you to remove.
  • Leave on for a few minutes. Wait a while before you attempt to remove the alcohol. Be careful that the alcohol doesn’t drip on other portions of the sofa, and be sure to blot off the alcohol right away.
  • Finish up with some dishwashing liquid. To clean the sofa, get a spray bottle and mix a capful of dishwashing liquid with a liter of water. Give the bottle a good shake and spray it on the portion of the fabric that got stained. This should help wash off the stain. Dry off with a paper towel.
  • To avoid spills and other accidents in the future, be sure to avoid using petroleum jelly when you are on the sofa or in bed. It’s best to use the product in the bathroom where you can easily wipe off any spills. Always keep petroleum jelly away from children’s hands.

If you follow the mentioned steps, you should get the petroleum jelly off your upholstery in no time. Keep repeating the process as needed till you get it all off.


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