How To Remove Rust Stains from Stainless Steel Silverware

Your stainless steel silverware can have some rust spots due to many reasons. This is bound to happen if you do not use the silverware a lot and you store it for a long time. Another reason is the harsh chemicals that you use for washing them or even the water from your faucet. The water can contain some minerals that react with the stainless steel and thus, the rust spots form. You do not need to worry when this happens since there is a quick and easy solution. Find out what you can do to remove the rust stains by reading the instructions here.

  • Gather materials. First, gather the materials that you need to use for the removing of the rust. You need baking soda, a container for soaking, warm water, microfiber cleaning rag and a soft bristled toothbrush.
  • Inspect the silverware. Inspect the silverware to see where the rust spots are forming. There may be some thick rust spots or faint rust spots that are just starting to form.
  • Prepare the bath. Prepare your container and add warm water in it. Afterwards, add about half a cup to a cup of baking soda, depending on how many silverware you will clean. Dissolve the baking soda in the water completely.
  • Soak the silverware. Soak the rusty silverware in the solution with the baking soda and water. Allow the silverware to soak in the solution for a few hours if the rust is thick. If the rust is just forming, you can leave it in the bath for about half an hour or 45 minutes.
  • Scrub off the rust. When the rust is soft, you can get the silverware from the solution and scrub off the remaining rust flakes using a soft bristled toothbrush. Make sure that you brush off the silverware gently so that you won’t damage and scratch your silverware.
  • Clean the silverware. Wipe off the silverware to prepare it for polishing. Make sure that all the silverware is completely dry before you start polishing them.
  • Polish the silverware. You need to polish your silverware after you clean it to restore its shine. The silverware polish will also be able to protect your silverware so that it won’t develop rust in the future. Use a soft cloth and follow the instructions on the bottle of the silverware polish. If you are going to use the silverware, you might want to skip this step.
  • Wipe the silverware. After removing the rust, you can wipe down the silverware with the microfiber rag to make sure that all the rust has been removed.

These are the steps in removing rust stains from your silverware. To prevent rust from forming, do not soak your silverware in water for a long time. Also, avoid using dishwashing liquid with harsh chemicals that can corrode the silverware. Install a filter on the socket of your faucet so that it can filter out the impurities in the water that can contribute to the formation of rust on your silverware and stainless steel items.


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